Attitude is Everything

girldancingA couple of weeks ago I was able to take my oldest daughter to her first concert. We went to see Victoria Justice and Big Time Rush, it was so exciting. Being a single mom and on a tight budget, I was only able to afford lawn seats for this event. I don’t know if any of you have ever had to sit in the lawn at a concert, but it’s not as exciting. You don’t have a great view, you are sitting on the ground, and when the concert starts while it is still light outside the screens are not visible. You can imagine how my 8 year old felt sitting out there while the people in the “expensive” seats were really enjoying their night. After a few huffs and puffs from her about how horrible our seats were, I informed her that the only person making her circumstance miserable was her. If she changed her attitude and found the positives about sitting where we were, she might actually enjoy the concert. Mind you, all this happened before Victoria Justice even came on, we were only in the second opening act. We continued to have the conversation for a while. I finally asked her to make an effort to change her attitude, to look at the area we were in as her own dance arena, she reluctantly agreed. After a few minutes of her attitude and heart change, a nice young man walked up to us with a stack of tickets and said, would you like to go sit in section 100 if so, how many tickets do you need. We were now sitting 20 rows back from the stage! WHAT!

My daughter was a whole new child. She had a destination in mind, and she reached it. She didn’t have to rely on screens to project what she so desired to see, she was there! Watching and experience that whole thing play out really spoke to me. You see, I know God doesn’t want to deny us from our destination. He just needs our hearts to turn towards Him and find the good in where we are. Once we are happy with the “seats” we are in, He is going to continue to move us towards our destination.

Needless to say, Skylan had one of the best nights ever (Her words, not mine), which in turn gave me one of the best nights. The transformation that happened just by moving up about 50 yards what phenomenal. She laughed, she danced, she sang, and she got super close to 2 of the Big Time Rush boys. I however, got a wonderful teaching moment. I was able to show her firsthand how important our attitude in life is, and she will forever be able to look back on that and remember what is possible when you change your perspective.

Written by Autumn Mills 

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