Little {Lady} Bugs

ladybugMy sweet mother in law surprised me with a clear plastic bowl full of ladybugs that she bought from a landscape nursery this past weekend. There were hundreds and hundreds of ladybugs crawling around inside. We’ve always heard they are wonderful to scatter in your garden. I was amazed to see them all sitting in the palms of my hands. I was in awestruck wonder. I have received a gift like this three times before. Once given by my husband, hundreds of ladybugs in a mesh bag, another time by my mother in law a few years ago, and once by God. I will elaborate on this gift given by God in just a moment.

My hubby thought it would be cute to sprinkle a few ladybugs from the bowl full given by his mom this week on my bathroom vanity. I was in my closet getting ready and happened to look up to see him sprinkling the cute little ladies on my mirror, by my sink, and more. It was such a sweet gesture of love. It warmed my heart on the inside. He held them one by one and placed them ever so softly in sweet places. He held the bowl full of ladybugs with the lid removed in the palm of his hands.  Somehow the bowl tipped over, and hundreds and hundreds of ladybugs fell to the floor and began to scatter so quickly. Suddenly I heard him say, “Help, help me!” They flew and crawled up the walls, on the cabinets, on the shower and everywhere. I mean everywhere!!

We began to laugh out loud literally. We called to our boys to come quickly and help with the ladybug roundup. They were crawling on our arms, legs, and they really tickled! We placed them in little bowls hoping to contain them, but the faster we put them in, the faster they crawled out. Again, more giggles and loads of laughter was heard in our bathroom. You just can’t make this stuff up!! It really happened and I tucked this special memory into the pocket of my heart.

We finally had a majority of the ladybugs in the bowls and tried to keep them from flying out.  We rushed outside to place them in our aquaponics garden. The ladybugs seemed to like their new place. They began to fly and crawl on the leaves and vines of cucumbers, tomatoes and more and made themselves comfy and cozy.

A memory from 5 years ago began to flood my mind. I heard a soft whisper, “Your husband sprinkled these in your bathroom today as a token of love, do you remember when I did the same for you?”

Yes, I vividly remember that day! I even looked back on my nurture by nature blog and recalled the encounter with my first ladybug gift from God. He began showing me sweet signs and tokens of love through the ladybugs and has since then led me on so many ladybug trails. My nature name is “ladybug girl” and in reading this post, you may get a glimpse as to why.

This is an excerpt from my blog post on November 11, 2008.

I really love God’s creation and want to soak it all in and never take anything for granted. Today was a special and sad day combined. I have been praying at 11:11 each day for the mommies to choose life and for the babies lives to be saved.  God has laid this on my heart and he has asked me not to stop praying or back down or give up. I am determined to help save these babies that do not have a voice to speak up for themselves. We can help save the world one little heartbeat at a time.

As I was giving Logan a bath and getting him ready to go, I felt that we needed to go and pray at the Planned Parenthood in Burleson.  On the way there, I was listening to my new CD from New Life Church and my favorite song- actually my anthem is Overcome. As I pulled into the parking lot this feeling overcame me and I began to cry. I opened my sunroof and looked up to the clouds to see pink and blue hues in the sky and my heart was stirred for the babies. Passion for the mommies and babies were rising!  I remembered that Tuesday and Saturday was abortion days at that clinic. So babies were being aborted this morning. I began praying and reading from Psalms. I was singing along… All authority, Every victory is yours. You overcame. More tears fell, and then I felt a release to leave.

Then it was time for us to have a happy time; we were heading to the hospital to see a precious new life.  Our very first Embrace Grace baby girl Kelcee was born and we were going to the hospital to visit her today. She is so beautiful!!! As her mommy Jessica placed her in my arms, I just looked at her and felt such peace.  Her mommy is so special and we are so happy that she came to Embrace Grace and for her special life. Then I got a text from another happy mommy Sarah that was having her sonogram today and she is also having a girl!! Lots of sweet moments!

We came home and I was so happy and thanking God for these special miracles. Kari Jobe’s song “You are Good” was playing in my car on the way home. I remember sitting in my seat, feeling the warmth and rays of sunshine beaming in the window and reflecting on God’s goodness that He had so graciously shown today. Right after that, my baby started getting sick and he began throwing up everywhere. I was grabbing towels and trying to clean up the little messes. I was in my utility room and looked up at the door and saw over 30 ladybugs flying all over the window. I had Logan in my arms and was showing him and he smiled. I have seen a few ladybugs at a time, but never that many at once, and how did they get inside our door? I started looking more closely and saw there is a little opening half way up the door, so I guess they sneaked in that way. I just kept looking at them flying around and thinking about it, then noticed so many more outside flying around the house. I went out to look and there were over 100 all together. Wow – love nature!!!  I am asking Daddy for insight on what the “Ladybugs” meant for me today.

The next morning as I was starting laundry and looking at my window where I had seen so many beautiful lady bugs and saying a little prayer to say thank you Daddy; He revealed to me the gift He had given me yesterday. He had sent the ladybugs as a sign to me for all the “little ladies”, little babies, little mommies that I have been praying for everyday. It brought tears to my eyes… He is so sweet!  He loves to shower us with His love! I pray daily for all of his daughters all across the world, whether they are unborn babies, little newborn babies, toddlers, preschoolers, grade schoolers, high schoolers, newlyweds, new mommies, grandmommies, just all of His precious “ladies”! I also of course pray for his “little boys” too!! I have 2 of them you know and God shows me daily how precious they are in His sight and what joy and delight they bring to our life! I know that God has so many plans and destinies for these little babies lives and I pray they are able to be fulfilled. I pray that their mommies heart is softened and they will choose life and give their precious babies a chance to live and fulfill their God given destiny.

Embrace Life, Love, Ladybugs and Lullabies…

God wants you to know that you and your baby are His little “lady” bug.  He hides you under His wings.  You and your baby are protected, loved, and sang over each day.

… He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection.

 {Psalm 91:4}

Since that day we have had so many special ladybug appearances.  Each time it reminds us that He is always near and watching over us.

I’ve heard time after time of our Embrace Grace girls seeing a ladybug and they immediately think of these stories.  They now have their own ladybug stories to share. How God’s love and protection covers them and their babies and they are comforted. The next time you see a ladybug, may you be reminded how much you are loved, covered and always safe. 

Written by Salina Duffy

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