Have you Embraced Grace?

friendsandbelliesMost of you have seen someone post something about Embrace Grace and most of you have asked about it. Here’s a snapshot of what all the greatness is about:

Embrace Grace is a support ministry sponsored by a local church for single and pregnant mommas with unplanned pregnancies. The heart of the ministry is to change the culture of church and be a place where girls run to when they find out their pregnant, not run away from. It’s a way to support girls spiritually, emotionally as well as practically.

We just finished hosting our first Embrace Grace semester in Sherman, Texas. We had three leaders and eight mommas. It was amazing and lives were changed. Not just the lives of the mommies were changed but us as leaders were as well. It’s really amazing to think that so much change could come from mostly just showing up. Think about the last time you were hard pressed or in one of the toughest or scariest times in your life. Aren’t some of the best memories of people just showing up, choosing to be there to walk along side of you?

At first, I was nervous that we wouldn’t be able to provide for all of their needs or help them with all of their problems. How would we be able to do it all? I quickly realized that I was right and we couldn’t do it all. We started being purposeful about teaching them how God wanted to be their provider and counselor. He wanted to provide for them and give them wisdom in their circumstances. It’s okay that we can’t provide everything for them and that we don’t have all the answers. What is important is that we remind them that their Heavenly Daddy wants to do all those things and more!

Here are some more details that were apart of our semester and over 11 other semesters that other groups have participated in:

Each semester is 10-12 weeks long of one-two hour meetings depending on size. There is curriculum to guide you week by week. All you need to start is two leaders and one momma!

Each group of girls will be invited to a combined baby shower but receive their own new presents. It’s like an individual shower but everyone is celebrated at the same time. Gifts are donated by your church or others in the community.

Each group is invited to a special night where they are celebrated for who they are personally not just as a momma. Lots of fun surprises await them this night. It’s an amazing way to end the semester.

Are you interested in learning more or have additional questions?

For more information, contact us at iEmbraceGrace.com

Written by Julie Prickett

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