My Redeemer

babybellyLike every other human being, I have a testimony.  I have a certain point in my life that was responsible for a shift in my soul.  I was never going to be the same.  Let me share how the Almighty Father redeemed that circumstance and turned it around for His good!  For His glory!I grew up in a divorced household, living with my mother every week and my dad every other weekend.  I never felt loved by my dad.  One reason is, he never said it.  I craved being loved by a man and I looked for it in all the wrong places, as they say.  I turned to sex and alcohol when I was 14 years old and it all went downhill from there.  I was not raised in church or a home that talked about God.  I believed in Him, but He was not something I ever thought about, certainly never pursued.

When I was 18, I got pregnant by a one-night stand.  I was ashamed.  I didn’t tell anybody.  I was just going to keep it a secret I guess.  I lived with my grandparent’s at the time and my grandma found out.  One day, I was confronted by my grandma and my mom and was told I was going to get an abortion.  I had no feelings.  I was just numb.  I had no idea what it took to stand up for myself and my unborn child.  I just didn’t say anything.  I went along with it.  They took me to Dallas when I was 11 weeks along, which warranted a 2-day procedure.  My firstborn went to heaven on October 11, 1996.  Nothing changed.  I still turned to sex and alcohol, probably even worse than before.

When I was 20, I found myself pregnant and single again.  This time I was living and working on my own and my grandparent’s didn’t find out until after my first ultrasound.  They wanted me to abort this baby, too, but there was no changing my mind.  I was having this baby!  I had just seen her little heart flutter on the monitor at the doctor’s office.  She was mine and I was choosing life!  Some words were said and feelings were hurt, but a few days later, apologies were made.  Morgan Briann was born on May 7, 1999 and was the vehicle that God used to bring me to Him!  It was because of Morgan’s daddy telling me about Jesus and His salvation on July 17, 2000 that I am who I am today, a born-again, child of the Most High!!  I am not famous.  I am nobody special.  But, to God, I am His little girl.  I am special to Him and that makes up for all the years I lost looking for love in all the wrong places!  All I had to do was look up!  He is a God of redemption, as I said before, and on April 25th of this year, I received healing for the abortion almost 17 years ago.  In the process of that healing, the Lord revealed to me that the baby was a girl and that her name is Abigail, which means, “the Father’s joy.”  I applaud all mothers who choose life, because choosing life means bringing God’s light into the darkness.  Let’s light it up!!

Written by Kelli Souther, leader of Embrace Grace, Sherman, TX

Secret Wings

teapartyA text message giving an invitation to meet at the hot pink booths for breakfast appeared on my phone. I excitedly responded yes! The little girl in me gets so giddy when this friend and I have any time to get together and share hearts. We seriously say ok you go first, no you go first

We have so much to catch up on and feel like we cram weeks and even months of interaction and life experiences and surprises into a 1-2 hour time slot.  Time escapes us so quickly. From the beginning of our time together to the close, we are filled with such awe and wonder as we unpack and reveal things that are going on in the world around us. Loads of laughter, joy and some tears are just a few expressions that are sure to follow when we get together.

Yesterday was a day just for that! We sat aside time to just connect and have fun. We met up at Silver Spoon in Southlake and sat in our hot pink booths. The table was in the shape of lips and we laughed as we sat down knowing that our lips had so much to talk about and share God’s goodness. The chandelier light hanging above us was covered in over a hundred folded over spoons. I always say that we are scooping up God’s goodness with those spoons as we tell about how He is moving and grooving in our lives and those around us.

I had my bag filled with surprises to make our time together so special. I began to pull trinkets and tinkers from my bag and her eyes lit up in amazement. On a side note, my sweet friends have recently nicknamed me Mary Poppins because I always carry a bag filled with so much creation and inspiration that it seems to always have something that they can benefit from. Special note cards, seeds, feathers, glitter, candles, a lot of random things that can spark creativity in a moments notice. Good times are always sure to follow.

I embellished the table with blooms, glitter, fairy wings and more as we shared our very own tea party. Just the 2 of us. We were giddy and resembled little girls in our own little world. We realized that neither of us had tea parties as little girls. Not sure of the reasoning but… What better time to start than when you are a big girl we thought. We then sprinkled pixie dust “aka glitter” in our hair and something sparked inside of us and the effects left us speechless.

I shared with her about a Tinkerbell movie I had just watched with fairies and their secret wings.

Lots of symbolism in how their wings were shiny and sparkly and then came a realization that they were sisters.  When their wings joined together something very special happened. That is a reflection of the way I feel when we are together. We were not raised in the same family home. We did not grow up seeing each other every day. But for some reason when we are together, I feel as if she is my long lost sister that I never knew I had, until now. Something pretty special and remarkable!

Our wings, although they are not always seen, are flapping and taking us to places that we never dreamed we could go. Things above and beyond what we could ever ask, dream or imagine. These dreams are coming to pass. God is giving us the flight pattern and painted our wings ever so beautifully. You and I are made to fly!

We began doodling and drawing out plans for her writing assignment and the ideas were flowing and coming non stop. Thoughts were rapidly being revealed and taking shape. When before all she saw was the beginning and the end.  The middle part and everything in between was a mystery. Soon after thoughts for the middle began to be fashioned and formed and she could see clearer. What was once cloudy became visible. We were drawn to think as little girls and gain wisdom from their perspectives and viewpoints.

Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets about things you do not know.           {Jeremiah 33:3}

We were in the middle of our drawing, layout and thought process when in walks a little girl with the cutest glittery backpack with cherry seeds and blossoms on the cover. She looked to be about 5 years old. She smiled at us and sat down in her own hot pink booth. She kept looking over at us and saw our fairy wings sitting in the chair beside us. I invited her to sprinkle some pixie dust on her. She was filled with excitement. Soon after three of her little friends joined her. They also sprinkled pixie dust all over them. It covered their cheeks, arms and more and they were enjoying the moment. Grins and giggles! They also picked some flowers and a little encouraging word from a box that they excitedly read out loud.

My heart overflowed with joy and compassion as I watched those little girls giggle and just enjoy being little. My thoughts reflected to all the ladies around us. So many times we are so busy rushing here and there and everywhere and we miss the moments to just be little. To enjoy a “spot of tea” or even some make-believe sessions with a girlfriend. Some girl time. A time to share heart to heart with a close friend or mentor. Sometimes the situations and circumstances going on around us cause us to ignore the inner child inside us that is longing to come out and play and enjoy the heavenly interactions that can follow.

Release the pressure. Release the demands. Release the burdens. It’s time to relax. Take a deep breath.

Just be little at least for a little while. What are some things that you really enjoyed as a little girl? Some of your favorite memories with your girlfriends. Some things you may have forgotten. Ask for some of  those things you enjoyed to resurface and take some time this week to just be little. Reenacting some of those moments or journaling is a great start to begin.

You will be amazed at the outcomes and fun times you will have. We would love for you to share any of the experiences you encounter as you enjoy being the little girl that God created and designed you to be. Sprinkle some glitter around you and ask for God’s wonder to come alive and really surprise and WOW you! You will be so happy you did!

A fairy is born when a baby laughs. – Tinkerbell

All it takes is a little faith and trust and a little pixie dust. – Tinkerbell

Written by Salina Duffy

His Heartwork

Heart on Display
“Speak the truth even if your voice shakes.”

Last night was the first night of the eleventh semester for Embrace Grace in Southlake. It was the first night of my second semester co-leading with some amazing women on this Embrace Grace team. Although I have shared my testimony several different times with Embrace Grace classes prior to joining their leadership team, it never gets old. I know God gets excited to encourage the hungry hearts with the story He’s given me just the same each time I stand up to share. But I still hear the same lies before, during, and after sharing my story.

I can write well. That is a strength I posses. I do not, however, speak nearly as well—especially in front of a room full of people. I do not have the ability to cull out, delete, rewrite, and reword each sentence to flow in just the way I would like. No matter how many times I try to practice or rehearse beforehand, I forget my format or bullet points as soon as I begin speaking. This only happens when I share my story. If I teach a topical subject, I can stay on task, but for whatever reason, telling about the life I have lived gets me jumbled, longwinded, and scatterbrained. But I believe I have pinpointed the culprit.

Vulnerability. It is a scary thing. Baring your soul to a room of 30 or so people is not for the faint of heart. And it is just like the enemy to lie to us in areas where we are already uneasy. If he whispered outlandish things in my ear I could easily dispute them. But he slithers into those places I have already doubted, camouflaging himself with my very own critical thoughts; his presence magnifies them.

You’re talking too fast… No one is listening… You shared too many details, and everyone tuned you out… You’ll never be able to tell your story eloquently enough, so you should just ask not to share next semester.

All of those things to a minor degree I have thought of myself. But as the devil coincides with each of them, my courage to be vulnerable weakens.

After I shared and our class ended last night, I began confiding in a friend about my criticisms toward my inability to concisely share my testimony. Before I could even finish my first sentence her eyes gestured for me to turn around. Behind me stood a precious girl, with the most perfectly round baby-belly-bump extending from her hot pink t-shirt. She was standing so silently, waiting so patiently behind me, I had not even known she was there as I had begun grumbling about my own insecurity. With complete candor she began sharing pieces of her story leading to her unplanned pregnancy. I did not even know her name before she trusted me with pieces of her life and heart. She must have told me five times how she was teary listening to me speak, because of her disbelief that any other girl could have related to certain specifics of her past. Not only was I filled with joy she felt so comfortable on the first night to approach any leader, especially me, and share personal details, but I knew even my shaky vulnerability had inspired her to do so.

Replaying all of the new, unsure faces seated around the room last night, I know there is considerable uncertainty at this time in each of the girl’s lives; so many questions about pregnancy, mothering, relationships, and much more. The transformation in the girls, physically, emotionally, and spiritually is always riveting to watch as their hearts evolve throughout the semester, but I feel a heightened attention to being a vulnerable leader is key this semester; with this group of girls, perhaps more than other semesters past.

Just like the easily believable lies I hear when I share my testimony with the new room full of girls, the enemy is also whispering to them about attending Embrace Grace, about their situations, and about each sentence we loose from our lips to them during the semester. I believe as a whole and individually our leaders are being called into a semester of heightened exposure—an in-depth sharing of our own lives and lessons. Each girl we encounter weekly needs to hear more than teaching and encouraging words from our lips, but heartfelt empathy and stories of our own experience to match.

During and after my unplanned pregnancy, my identity and heart were not changed until The Relater bared His very own heart to me in the midst of my mess. Only through the relating of Jesus’ heart to mine—His struggles to my own—did I undergo supernatural healing and transformation. We are to be His hands and feet, most accurately depicting His heart; representing His understanding for our human condition whilst magnifying the welcoming of forgiveness and responsiveness of His love. There are people who need to hear our words birthed from changed hearts and lives only we have lived, and the love that embraced us thereafter. Perhaps we will feel like a coal-like crumble, unpolished and unqualified, sharing intimate details with others, but the vulnerability of our uncovered hearts will shine like the brilliant glory of His work beneath our very humanness.

My speaking and sharing of my story is a little rusty, with much needed touch-ups, yes. Being vulnerable challenges me. I feel frazzled and uncomfortable divulging unfavorable details of my past. Staring into the eyes of faces knowing nothing about me, but the verbosity of my speaking skills does not equate to sharing personal experience via keyboard and LED screen—hearing positive feedback, if any, and otherwise hoping naysayers comment not. However, while the devil tries to attack me with common insecurities, I will fight back with the age-old obedience of sharing what Jesus has done in my heart and life (Revelation 12:11). My defense might look and sound with a quivering voice and jumbled words on the outside, but a mighty fortress stands undisturbed within, as my God upholds my exposed heart for those to see His indisputable works on display.

And He said to me, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me. 2 Corinthians 12:9

by Jacqueline Fox


overwhelmedmom87. Definitely more than 50, but not as crazy as, say, 130. I wish it were a nice, even number if it were going to be that large, but most things in my life don’t fit into nice, neat, even-numbered packages. Maybe I should be glad it was only 87.

87: the number of times during this last week, since Sunday at least, that I’ve doubted my calling as a mother. That’s roughly 17 times a day, give or take a few, and the week isn’t even over yet. 87 is the number of times I’ve thought that someone else could do this better than me; that, perhaps, I should stop kidding myself and try to look for a “real” job; that the time I invest in teaching my children to be responsive instead of reactive doesn’t really matter and who the freak really cares if my children EVER learn to speak kindly with anyone.

87 represents the moments I’ve caved into mommy guilt while cooking supper with a can mushroom soup AGAIN while my well-meaning friends post recipes and pictures of their healthy suppers that include words like “organic” and “kale” and “quinoa” (keen-what?). 87 bears the tears and pain I felt when I burnt freaking pork chops in a CROCK POT. Who burns food in a Crock Pot?! Aren’t they supposed to be somewhat idiot-proof? I mean, the instructions for practically every single Crock Pot meal are: ‘Dump crap in. Push button. Serve in 8 hours.’ Seriously.  AND in addition to that, I kind of forgot to make anything to go with them…. so we had burnt pork chops and, umm, raw baby carrots as a meal. Yep. Totally rocking this Mom thing.

87 tells of the many, numerous times I’ve had to hold my tongue and not be Snarky Steph when reading yet another sweet, mothering quote informing that I am going to miss these beautiful, sweet moments when I haven’t washed my hair in a week and my girls are fighting over who breathed the most air and my son is throwing a tantrum because my husband went to the bathroom for a minute and he simply cannot stand to be in the same room with anyone who is not his father for more than, say, 30 seconds. Yes. I’m going to miss that.

87 also reveals, quietly, sneakily, the number of times I’ve had to deal with my own childhood while watching my children live out theirs. And guess what? I don’t get to choose when I have those weird, God-ordained “Let’s let go of this piece of my past” moments. I’ve had to look in the mirror and confront fear, insecurity, and worry over who I was, what I’ve went through, and now, who I’m helping shape my own children to be. I’ve had to let things go, speak Life over myself – not New Age positive pop talk, but authentic Biblical truth— and then step out in faith, and dang it if that isn’t hard to do sometimes. Somebody get me a Cherry coke.

87 also represents the number of times I’ve felt Him call my heart, remind me who I am (who I REALLY am), comfort me in my struggles (no matter how silly), and refresh my spirit. 87 is at least the number of times His has come to me to say, “That’s not who I say you are.”

At least 87 times He’s pulled me aside to say, “I’m teaching you humility through your children to bring Myself fame through your life; I’m shaping you because I love you, and it’s hard to dance when you’re bent out of shape; I’m pulling out the hurt to free you and give you beautiful freedom songs to sing.”

87 times, at least, He’s simply held me. He’s let me cry under the pressure of not feeling like I’m doing enough as a stay-at-home-mom, and not feeling cool or relevant enough as a homeschooling mom. He’s wiped my tears and smiled big Daddy grins because I’m His beloved daughter.  He’s whispered in my ear, “You got this. I love you.” He’s given me strength to kick those lies in the face when they came around on the 88th time.

I’m don’t know what your number is today. Maybe you lost track around 532. I do know that your Dad knows, and that He sees and loves you through every stressful moment. He longs to comfort you and whisper freedom songs in your ear. He sees every opportunity in your life as a chance not to make you stronger, but to draw you closer and build intimacy; to learn to lean on His grace alone; to lessen the resistance between that moment of “I can’t do this anymore!” and “I surrender, Daddy God.”

So, here we go. I’m taking a deep breath and confidently pulling out my can of Cream of Mushroom soup. I’m brushing myself off and mothering boldly, fearlessly, laughingly. I’m also going to buy a Crock Pot cookbook, but that’s another matter entirely.

Written by Stephanie Perry, Embrace Grace Leader

What is your response?

pregnantbellyHas something similar like this ever happened to you?

Your friend is 19 years old. Life is fun and everything is going great. You both have enjoyed being young and single but everything changes in a moment. She comes over to your house because she says she has something very important to tell you. It seems serious. She sits down and fumbles around with the hem of her shirt. Her gaze is down. She can’t look you in the eyes. She hesitates, then say’s the words:

“I’m pregnant.” 

What was your response? What would be your response? Do you put your hand on her shoulder and look at her pitifully and say, “I’m sorry.” It’s probably a natural instinct to love them so much that you wished it happened in the order that is more ideal. Boyfriend, Engagement, Marriage and then baby. But it didn’t. Your reaction could be the very words that she so desperately needed to hear.  Have you been confused what to say? I have a different idea of how to respond …

Here is my opinion:



Then go give her a big hug because she probably needs one. 

It will rock their world. God, Who is the creator of all things and Who breathes life into every person, also created this baby they are carrying. If God blessed her with a baby, do you tell her you’re sorry that He did that?

Yes there was a moment of weakness that put this life into motion. Yes there was sin. Yes there are consequences for our sins. It’s not easy being a single mom. It’s hard work. But God is so good that He promises to turn ALL things for good for those that love Him. This baby is a gift! A blessing! Whether they choose to parent or to do adoption, this baby will most likely be the best thing that has ever happened to them.

The sin is over. Now there is life. It’s a fresh start. New beginnings. A reason to live different. A reason to love again. A reason to feel valued. A reason that inspires purpose and destiny.

Life Changes Everything.

A mother of a girl that just found out she is pregnant, messaged me about her daughter and wanting to get her plugged into Embrace Grace. She wrote me back and included this:

“Sorry, I’m rambling but I did want to tell you thank you for saying ‘congratulations’ the other day. You cannot imagine how healing that can be when others that I have told have just told me how sorry they are. I believe every child deserves to be celebrated no matter what circumstances they are born under. It just really spoke the language of my heart when you said that.”

Be the one that has a different response. No shame. No regret. No looking back. Look forward to what God can do … because it’s good. He is good.

A baby changes everything.

Written by Amy Ford

In the Garden

sunflowerbabySunflowers with such vibrant yellow colors stretched to the horizon. Fields of sunshine were aglow. The sunflowers stood taller than me and seemed to be smiling and swaying in the wind as we passed by on our way to the coast. I asked if we could turn around and go back because it was a perfect photo opportunity! The face of the sunflowers were as big a round as a dinner plate! I was amazed at the enormous size of these beautiful sunflowers. I was mesmerized by the beautiful yellow field. Rows upon rows, thousand upon thousands of the giant flowers covered the area. They were so healthy, vibrant and refreshing to the soul. They seemed to smile and speak to my heart as my family and I gazed up at them. I treasured these moments and tucked them into the pocket of my heart.

My hubby loves to tend to his garden in our backyard. Each day he comes home from work and rushes out the back door to check out the new growth, blooms, fruit and veggies growing in his garden. He is always amazed by how God helps his garden grow. If I am ever searching for him, I can usually guarantee the spot that he can be found. You guessed it. In his garden. He will bring in hand-fulls of his harvest of produce with such delight.

As he is planting, watering, pruning, fertilizing and nurturing his plants it brings him a sense of relaxation and satisfaction. He absolutely loves it. On many occasions, he will open the door and call us outside to come and see the newest sprouts and new life emerging from the soil and rock bed.

Recently my hubby and our son planted a variety of sunflower seeds in the front and backyard of our home. They excitedly dug below the soil and made preparations for the seeds to take root. They opened the seed packets amazed by the amounts of little seeds inside. They talked to their seeds as they planted them and encouraged them to grow big and tall. There were over 5 different types of sunflowers they planted including the big face ones that we had seen in the field that one day. Sunflowers have a big healthy root system. They reach deep down into the soil to pull out the nutrients, minerals and water needed.

Build homes, and plan to stay. Plant gardens, and eat the food they produce. {Jeremiah 29:5}

Within a few days my hubby called my name and said, “hurry, hurry come quick.” I rushed down the stairs and out the door in a moments dash. My first reaction was someone was hurt and needed mommy attention, but everyone was fine. He excitedly pointed at the new sunflower’s green shoots sprouting up that had only been planted two days before. He had the biggest smile on his face!! They are growing taller each day and hopefully we will have some as tall as me soon!

On a date night together he began to tell me his dreams of becoming a gardener/ farmer and having a big ranch that he can tend to his field each day. He already has the name, 3D Ranch, picked out. 3D represents the three Duffy’s- Father and 2 Sons. He had sweet tears in his eyes as he was revealing the big dreams and plans that he has. It touched my heart to see the passion rising up within him. He can foresee it happening and coming to pass. One day, he says, one day. I hope to see his dreams fulfilled.

You may be wondering what does this have to do with you? Well my friend. You are a gardener too. Each day you are planting seeds, watering and tending to your very own garden.  Your tender little sprouts are your little ones. They soak up all the sweet words, encouragement, love and grace that you shower them with daily. You sprinkle and sprout them with your love. You are helping their garden blossom and grow, as well as in your own life too.

Your Father in Heaven looks at the tender loving hands that you embrace and fill with love for your little children. Each day it’s as if he calls out in heaven, look, look at my Daughter. See how wells she is gardening. She is showering her babies with so much love, graciousness, kindness, goodness and see how lush and green their tender shoots are. See all the blossoms and blooms sprouting forth. All the new growth, new life, sweet fruit that is coming up. Her children are growing daily in my love. They are learning about me, their Father in Heaven, through her. She is teaching them about me. She shows them that I will always send the rain, nutrients, vitamins, love and life that they need. My blessings, favor, provision, protection and umbrella is more than enough. I am all they need. 

The Lord will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry and restoring your strength. You will be like a well-watered garden, like an ever-flowing spring. {Isaiah 58:11}

For as the earth bursts with spring wildflowers as a garden cascades with blossoms, so the Master God, brings righteousness into full bloom… {Isaiah 61:11}

…Each woman in safety will tend her own garden. {Micah 4:4 MSG}

Enjoy your precious garden! Your little sprouts thank you for all the tender love and care you pour out to them daily!

Sprinkle and Sprout!

Written by Salina Duffy


Hurry Up and Wait

womanatwindowI’m a planner.

I like to know what I’m doing tomorrow, next week, next month, next YEAR!!!  There’s some sort of satisfaction I get in having a plan…knowing the future.  So, when the future is unknown, I feel super unsettled and just downright CRAZY.  Know what else a planner doesn’t like to do?  Wait. 

Did you know that God places desires in our hearts?  Desires for our future?  Desires to be a teacher, nurse or mommy?  Desires to help others, desires to minister, desires to raise our children to love Him?  What happens when we believe with all our heart that God placed a desire in us, we know our purpose, but it’s just not happening?  What happens when God tells you to WAIT?  WAIT. 

I’ve been praying about a particular thing lately and heard those exact words from God.  Wait.  Clearly spoken, clearly heard.  Wait. 

BUT GOD!!!  What about Psalm 37:4, “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”    What about that?!?


Personally, I struggle with this waiting game!  So, what do I do?  I make plans.  Plans to make this dream, this desire happen on my own.  God is just taking too LONG!!!  I get desperate, unhappy, unsettled.  I get uncomfortable with the life I’m living in this very moment, which is a really GOOD life, because God WANTS me to have my dream, right?!?  He told me it would happen, right?!?


When reading my devotional this morning I came across the story of Zachariah and Elizabeth.  Elizabeth was barren, meaning she couldn’t have children.  Zachariah and Elizabeth had prayed, cried out to God for a child.  This was one of the deepest desires of their hearts.  Zechariah and Elizabeth were old.  I’m not sure how old, but well past the age of being able to have children.  I’m sure they had gray hair, deep wrinkles and had all but given up on their dream of having a child.  Can you imagine the years and years of praying for a child?  We aren’t talking about a few months, but many many YEARS.  Do you think God didn’t hear their prayers?  Of course he did!  What were Zachariah and Eliabeth having to do?  Wait. 

IN HIS TIME, God answered their prayers.  They had a son named John.  God answered the desires of their hearts.  Supernaturally.

We’ve got to trust this timing thing, because God loves to hear His children ask Him for the desires of our heart!  He loves for us to trust Him to fulfill those desires.   It is His will that we know the absolute joy of having received what He has promised.  If He gave us everything we asked, at that very moment, would we really, truly appreciate it?  Probably not.  Believe that God is either going to bless you with what you want or bless you with more than you can imagine!  There are more people involved in our dream coming to pass than just us.  We’ve got to believe that God is working behind the scenes, putting things in place for your dream to happen.  Only he knows what has to happen BEFORE He answers our prayer.  When the larger need is fulfilled, the personal need will be satisfied.


Not only wait, but be happy while waiting.  Be content in your situation knowing that God’s got this!  He is a BETTER planner than me!  I don’t have to try and make this happen sooner.  I don’t have to control or manipulate my situation.  Anything that I can make happen on my own isn’t in any way going to compare to what God is going to do.  Have faith, trust in Him and wait.  Just wait.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”  {Ecclesiates 3:1}

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  {Jeremiah 29:11}

Written by Ann Holder, Leader of Embrace Grace of Denison, TX