Single Parent Families

heartWe see all through the Bible how God encourages, empowers, and elevates single moms. The first single mom mentioned in the Bible was Hagar and after her encounter with God she calls Him “The God That Sees”.

We have a very personal God who loves us and wants to be involved in the details of our lives.

In Job, God is referred to “The One Who Makes The Widow’s Heart Sing.”

The Book of Psalms talks about God being the father to the fatherless and a defender of the widow.

“Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.”  {James 1:27, NLT}

The word religion can be translated worship. When we care for the single moms and their children we are caring for the modern widow and orphan and it is worship to our Father. When we say, “Care for our Single Parent Families” we believe that we should always minister in a way that brings dignity and self worth, but we never do what one can do for themselves. We want to give a hand up, not a hand out. Our goal is to encourage not enable, to empower not coddle. The heart is to create an atmosphere where single parent families can encounter the presence of God. We believe that being in His presence for five minutes will do what years of counseling could never do.  Everything we do is with purpose. With opportunity we have to minister, from benevolence to life skills, we ask ourselves,

“Does this Encourage, Empower, and Elevate?”

The two most stressful times of the year financially, for single parents, is the start of the school year and Christmas. As a church, we get the awesome privilege to come along side and help provide school supplies and gift cards for Christmas presents. We do this in a way that allows the parents to take an active roll in providing for their children.  For our Back 2 School event we meet at Target. The parents get a $50 voucher per-child and members of the congregation help the parents shop for their kids. After the parents have checked out, Target has their employee lounge set up for an ice cream social.  We have a blast! For Christmas, the congregation gives gift cards in any amount and we provide a night for the parents to shop kid-free. While the parents shop we throw an awesome party for the kids! They have pizza, a birthday party for Jesus, and Santa and Mrs. Clause come and wishes them all a Merry Christmas.  We also provide a store where kids pick out a gift for their parent free of charge.  This is all provided by the generous giving of Gateway Church.

I am so blessed to get to minister to Single Parent Families. I love watching God give hope, restore relationship, and bring new dreams to these families. I would love for you to join me. By volunteering, praying, or financially giving to Single Parent Family Ministry you too can be a part of this great ministry!

By Pastor Samantha Golden

*Originally posted in Studio G: A Ministry of Pink| Gateway Women on August 1, 2013

Pastor Samantha Golden is the single family pastor of Gateway church and overseer of Embrace Grace.

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