10 Ways to Help a Single Mom

momandbabyIt’s tough work being a single mom. I see what the girls struggle with.

There have been times when my husband is out of town or working a lot and gone, I notice I take the little things for granted that he helps with. Usually when he comes home from work, the first thing I say is, “It’s your turn!” I just need a minute to breathe. I need a moment without kids asking me a million questions and a toddler hanging on my leg.

They don’t have that luxury.

There is no comparison … a lot of them do it 24/7 – no one to help, take a shift, etc.

I put together 10 easy ways you can help a single mom without a lot of effort on your part, but makes a BIG difference in the day of a single mom:

1. GAS: Filling up a mom’s tank or leaving a gas card in her mailbox is SUCH a big help. So many stress about if they will have enough in their tank til they get paid again.

2. CAR STUFF: Most momma’s barely make enough for their normal monthly bills. When you throw in an “extra” it can set everything back and she can get behind quickly. Helping out with things like auto inspections, a set of new tires, and oil changes would be such a huge help.

3. BABYSITTER: Helping a mom out by watching her baby while she goes on a job interview or even just a well-deserved night out would make her feel like a new woman!

4. TAKE OUT THE TRASH: Especially for girls that live in an apartment, she usually might have to take several trips from the apartment door down to the dumpster. Usually you might have to leave your baby in a compromised position – I mean how can you carry the trash AND a baby? If you see a few bags on a doorstep, take it out for her! She will LOVE it!

5. DIAPERS: Diapers are EXPENSIVE and the monthly cost adds up fast. Putting a package of diapers on a momma’s doorstep would make her think she won the lottery!

6. FUN ACTIVITIES WITH KIDS: When the kids move on to the toddler or preschool age, they get a little stir-crazy and want to do fun things. It’s hard for a mom to have extra money to do the fun activities that might cost money. Blessing a mom with a restaurant gift card or movies or a fun day at the waterpark would create special mommy/child bonding time that is a little different than their regular routine.

7. GROCERIES: Groceries add up!! Especially healthy groceries! Providing the groceries and even including a fun new recipe in with the groceries for a special dinner is not only providing a fun meal but also teaching the new momma how to cook a new yummy meal!

8. JOB SEARCH: A lot of young moms are stuck in a mundane job that they just settle for because it’s a steady check when deep inside, they crave something more for her little family. A lot of times they just need a little boost or help. Offering to take a look at their resume and offering suggestions is a huge help. Sending leads of jobs you hear about is awesome. Practicing interview questions and coaching them through it, will make a big difference with the whole job search process. And throw in a new interview outfit so they feel confident when they walk through the doors is so cool!

9. GED: Help inspire and provide any links or resources to get connected with taking their test and getting their GED!

10. PRAY FOR THEM: Teach them how to pray. Pray for them and with them. Be a good listener. Point them to the One that fixes everything. Invite them to church and pick them up so they don’t have to use their gas – take them to lunch after.

Acts of LOVE make a huge impact on a mom! Help them help themselves. If you don’t know of a single mom to help, contact your local church and ask who you can bless!

Do you have any ideas of how to help a single mom? Have you ever been helped by someone that changed your life? Share your stories with us! 

Written by Amy Ford

5 thoughts on “10 Ways to Help a Single Mom

  1. My goodness Amy this is Perfect! Perfect, Perfect! You have no idea how many times I have struggled and worried and then at the right moment God sent His child to bless me and my girls with much needed gas and groceries. And last summer was the first summer I was able to take my girls to a water park and not worry if I had enough.

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