Hard Talk

ImageThere are many times in our lives that we must have tough conversations with other people.  Sometimes having these uncomfortable awkward conversations with the people we love the most, can be the most chilling!  What I mean is, we try our best to avoid these conversations because we cringe at the thought of exposing truth that may hurt others.

In college I wandered away from the Lord.  I was trying to please my flesh, my girlfriend and what culture said I should be doing.  I was living it up!  My dad had put me in a sweet apartment near college, paid all my bills with the exception of spending money (for that I had to have a part time job), and paid for my books and tuition.  I really enjoyed the college life.  My girlfriend and I had been together for 6 years and loved each other very much.  We found out one day she was pregnant.  Amy had all of the symptoms and so we decided to buy a pregnancy test from the grocery store.  We came back to the apartment and it tested positive.  All of a sudden our world, my world, came crashing down around me.  All that I had was over. My dad was going to cut me off.  I would be homeless.  I wasn’t ready.  What in the world was I going to do?  I knew it was wrong. I really did. I told Amy there was a pill that she could take that would make it all go away.  That I would take care of the expenses but that she needed to do this, otherwise…my life was ruined.  On a Saturday morning I took Amy and my money to a facility that performed this procedure, handed them my money, and let them lead Amy back to a room to take care of our situation.  I sat and waited in the waiting room for what seemed like eternity and then she came out and said “we are still pregnant.” (You can discover the rest of the story in Amy’s book.)  What happened next was a whirlwind of emotions, tears, and all kinds of drama.  I was not being a man.  I was being a scared little boy who needed a kick in the ass!  She gave me the kick in the ass I needed.  She came to me one day and said, “Ryan…I love you.  I want to tell you something.  I am going to have this baby with or without you.  Ryan….trust me….someday…you will thank me.”

We got married and had our baby boy and named him Jess.  My dad did not cut me off. He helped me finish college and was very supportive.  I believed a lie and almost lost my beloved treasure – my son, my Jess.  Countless times throughout Jess’s life I have whispered “thank you” into Amy’s ear.

Amy had to have an uncomfortable conversation with me.  She had to abandon her love for me and do what was right – what was just – with or without me.  Thank God she did!  This leads me to what I wrote this about.  With Amy’s recent book release, A Bump In Life – True Stories of Hope and Courage During an Unplanned Pregnancy and her television appearances speaking about the book, I knew we were going to have to speak with our son Jess about our story.  I didn’t want him finding out by reading his mother’s book.  I also didn’t want him hearing about it on television.  We scheduled a visit with Jess without our other 3 children.  Amy, Jess and I went out to eat and we told him what I told you above.  For us…it was a tough conversation.  Thoughts like, “would he think we didn’t want him?” would enter my mind.  I also kept thinking I hope this doesn’t hurt his feelings.  I just wanted him to hear it from his mother and I before he heard it from someone else.  I wanted him to know we were wrong for going to the abortion clinic…that God saved his life and that he was a miracle!  Telling him this was the right thing to do.

After telling him our story and how close he came to not being here…he didn’t have much to say.  He said he knew we had gotten pregnant out of wed lock since he was in 6th grade.  I asked him how he knew this and he said, “I did the math dad…”  I laughed and still wonder why he never brought it up but I guess that would be awkward for him to bring up to us.  He didn’t have many questions and we had hyped ourselves up thinking he would.  He was a typical, quiet 14 year old young man.  Not much to say.  We explained to him that his story has inspired hundreds of people!  He is a miracle!  He said…”cool”.  Okay so I’m sure he really did think it was cool.  He was there, with us, eating cheesecake.  That IS pretty cool!

Let’s not fear uncomfortable conversations anymore.  Let’s be bold!  Let’s also be careful and sensitive to others feelings, but let’s not let the lies of the enemy keep us from doing what is right!  What is just!  Let’s STAND FIRM TODAY!  PS…Amy…THANK YOU!

– Written by Ryan Ford


ABumpinLife_FinalCVRIt’s really really almost here. The book is almost OUT! I’m SO pumped! It releases this Tuesday, October 1st. It has taken FOREVER (well it feels like) but it’s finally time for the book to hit the streets!

I’m praying that every person that reads it is touched in some way … and that it gets into the hands of people that need a refreshing of hope in their life.

James Robison gave all the attendees a book at the taping last week and I’ve gotten to hear some initial thoughts from people that are reading it! It’s been great so far but of course these thoughts are coming from friends … hopefully strangers will agree.

Thanks for sending the book! Every man needs to read this book. I know I’m not really the target audience, so for me, this probably spoke a little differently. The two things I got most from this are:

The Earthly Father’s Role :: I was astounded to see so vividly the importance of a father being in his teenage daughter’s life.  What really surprised me was the stories of the girls who grew up in the church but didn’t have a good relationship with their dad. You hear over and over the importance of a dad in a daughter’s life—but this took it to a real, gritty, personal level.  And a lot of the girls in the book had the same story . These stories would shake the “average 30 something guy with a 12 year old daughter” to his core, and challenge him to examine how he is shaping her heart.  

Our response to “sin” :: I haven’t really had to think about how I would respond to an unplanned pregnancy in my life—just hasn’t happened. But I imagine I would fall into the “she got herself into this mess” camp. But this really blew that up for me—the pain, hurt, shame, guilt, and fear in these girls.   That line from the girl at the UPS store—just a simple conversation spoke so much life into her. Truly amazing.

I’ve been really thinking about john 3:17 lately.  We Christians like to use 3:16—sometimes even as a hammer to pound “sinners” with. But the very next verse says “oh yeah by the way, I didn’t do that to condemn you all…”

Jesus came to earth and didn’t start telling people all the wrong stuff they were doing. He loved them, healed them, gave them what they needed—and they were changed by his love.  Is that what we are doing as Christians? (it sounds like your church is!)

These stories really give us all so much to think about in terms of responding to a broken world with love, compassion, and grace, to ultimately point people toward Christ. — David W. 

Finished reading “A Bump In Life” by Amy Ford. What an AMAZING read!!! Real life testimonies of restoration and redemption through God’s grace and mercy. **Disclaimer: Tissues are required.** — Janell S. 

Powerful stories, emotional, compelling, and very real. — Brian F. 

I’m reading your book & it just makes my heart want to bust! (in a good way) You can feel the emotions of these precious girls. These little pages are going to be a catalyst to a huge movement of love & grace that will touch the nations. Love it!! — Denise E.

As the book releases, there are some ways that you can help with getting the word out and I’ll love you forever and ever if you do … (and if you don’t too because that’s just the way I roll but still …)

1.  Please read the book and let me know what you think. If you’d would so kind to write a review, will you post it on your favorite retailer like Amazon, Lifeway and Barnes & Noble? 

2.  If you are a blogger, I would be love for you to write a post about the book and how it can help others. I am also happy to write a guest post for you and will send you an excerpt to share with your readers.

3. Share the book with your friends on twitter and facebook #abumpinlife

4.  Please pray for the Embrace Grace team and me as we speak and share this message on this amazing journey!

And buy an extra copy to give to a girl with an unplanned pregnancy! You never know when God might connect you to the perfect girl that needs some encouragement and hope!

I’m so excited and thank you for helping me get the word out!!

Written by Amy Ford

I Will Take Care of You

babyandbirdEver since I was a little girl, I’ve always had huge aspirations. We all have a vision for our future. At 18, my vision centered around an undaunted woman, blazing trails and impacting people on such a deep level that they would surely remember the name “Christan Smith” long after she left the earth. Preferably I would be in New York, shattering the proverbial glass ceiling as an editor of a major fashion publication or on the stage as a Broadway star, or both. I was unstoppable and the world was mine for the taking.

On a cold day in January, my vision changed. I’ll never forget how quickly my head spun as I stared blankly at the two lines that would forever change my life. Those two lines were the box that would store that undaunted trailblazer of a woman in the attic to become stale and dusty, smothering her forever. I couldn’t let that happen.

I never thought that I would find myself calculating the cost of an abortion. I was the girl who attended pro-life rallies, who spoke out against abortion as an option, who went to youth group every Wednesday and church camp every summer. But I had plans. Those plans didn’t include becoming the black-sheep of my church and a disappointment to my family. Not to mention how the father would feel, who at the time, was in Africa on a mission trip and was an influential member of his own church. He didn’t have time for this, either. I was terrified of what would happen if I stayed pregnant, so I decided that it would be a lot more comfortable for everyone involved if I became un-pregnant, and I set out to “fix” my mistake.

I knew how easily I could be talked out of this decision, so I opted not to tell a soul. I would quietly go to the clinic, take care of the problem, and be on my way without anyone ever knowing. God knew, though. He knew that I didn’t have enough money for an abortion and that I would look for a clinic that offered payment plans. He knew that I would seek out a place that offered counseling, because I thought that I would need it. He knew that I would happen upon a place that seemed like the perfect choice and that I would make an appointment to eradicate the life within me.

I walked into the clinic, scared and unsure, but determined. I didn’t want endure the pain that this choice would cause me. I didn’t want to be there. I had made a mistake, though. This was my punishment. I deserved the pain that aborting this baby would cause me, and God would forgive me in the long-run. The counselor’s eyes were kind and warm as she asked me questions and processed my pregnancy test. I thought she would be a great comfort in a time when I so desperately needed it. Then she asked me this question: “Are you religious?” My heart sank.


“Have you always been pro-choice?”

My heart dropped to my knees.

“No… but I guess I get it now,” I said.

“Do you want to have an abortion? If you had help and resources and someone to talk to, would you consider a different choice? Because I can offer those things to you. Having this abortion could be something you will regret for the rest of your life.”

That’s when I realized my mistake and became furious. This was not an abortion clinic, this was a crisis pregnancy center. I hid my decision because I knew how easily I could be dissuaded. I knew that I would be sad, I didn’t need this lady pointing it out. I knew that there were other options, I just didn’t want to have to pick one. And here this woman comes along, ruining my plans, yet again. Making me recall the person I had always been before I had to deal with this first-hand. I welled up with angry tears and sobbed.

I knew in that moment that I couldn’t do it. I knew that I would have to face this thing, tell the father, tell my church, tell my parents. What would they think of me? How would I ever recover from this? Where would I go? I had no money, I had no help, I had no hope. I stormed out of the place like my feet were on fire, back to square one; alone, scared, and hopeless.

Then one day, I was sitting on my front porch and I was crying, wondering how on earth I would be able to take care of a baby at 18. My parents had a bird-feeder that a mother bird had turned into a home for her nestlings that had just hatched. I was watching this bird fly out of the nest, seek out worms, and come back to feed her babies over and over. This is the moment God spoke to me with a gentle voice as clear as day. He said, “My child, if I take care of the birds of the air, how much more will I take care of you, my own daughter?”

I had read that verse countless times, but it never made sense until it was in this context. I realized that I had never been alone. None of this was a coincidence. Mistaking the crisis pregnancy center for an abortion clinic, the man who fathered this child, who didn’t breathe an unsupportive word when I told him I was having his baby and that his plans were ruined. It wasn’t an accident. This was the perfect vision for my life, one that I was unable to see.

In hindsight, I now see that God was with me through it all, sewing a thread of events that would ultimately protect me from myself. He kept covering me with love and grace, even when I tried to hide from Him; when I didn’t think that I deserved to accept it. He knew that I had a choice to make and He perfectly orchestrated every tiny detail to ensure that I would make the right decision.

My vision for my life was thrown away in order for me to step into the plan God has for me. One so much greater than anything I could possibly construct for myself. He gave me a son, and along with that son, a father for him who became my amazing husband. And now, 5 years later, a little baby girl who is the second joy of my life. I almost destroyed the family that God wanted to bless me with. I couldn’t be more grateful for the woman who reminded me that I didn’t have to go through with my plans.

God’s plan for your life is like a connect-the-dots puzzle. You can’t see the big picture until you’ve connected all the dots. You have to walk through it, step-by-step. If you decide to take the easy way, you will finish, but it won’t be the beautiful picture that was intended for you. Sometimes the anticipation is exciting and wonderful, and other times it’s terrifying because you can’t see where you’re going to end up. If you let God lead, you will look back and see how every step you took, be it with trepidation and protest, painted the work of art and majesty that is your life.

Keep calm and walk through the scary stuff. God is leading you to a glorious work of art, even if you can’t see it yet.

Written by Christan Davis

The Power of Hello

hellopicJust a few days ago I had the pleasure of attending a live taping of a Life Today show where my friend Amy Ford was sharing her story and talking about the release of her book, “A Bump In Life”.  I could not help but remember when we first met …

It was in October of 2010 at a Pink Night of Worship at Gateway Church.  I was attending alone.  I had come straight from work so I got there just before the worship was to start, found a pretty good seat at the end of an aisle and settled in.  There was a group of girls in that row, obviously excited about being there and ready to worship.  One of them, who seemed to be the most energetic and bubbly one I might add, came straight to me, extended her hand and said, “Hi, my name is Amy Ford!”  I shook her hand and told her my name.  She asked if I was there alone and when I said yes she said, “We would love for you to hang out with us.”  I thanked her and immediately felt like I was a part of this group of lovely ladies.

The night of worship was intense and amazing and did not really leave much of a chance for us to visit.  Once it was over, I had to leave quickly, to get home to my kids before my husband headed to work for his night shift.  As it ended and we all started leaving, Amy approached me again and said “Thanks for hanging out with us tonight Denise.  It was so awesome to meet you.”  To Amy this was nothing out of the ordinary.  She was just being Amy.  But to me, her welcoming gesture was an answer to prayer.

I was in a season of struggling with the transitions that were happening in my family that were bringing up all kinds hurts from my past.  There were some very significant things that I had prayed for that were not working out and making me wonder why God was not listening to me.  It sounds pretty pathetic but I am just being honest about where I was at that time.  Ever feel like you are wearing so many layers of your own brokenness that you feel like it makes you invisible?  That no one sees you, much less God Himself?  I’ve walked with the Lord long enough to know this was nonsense but that is how I was feeling at that point.  I know I am not alone in this, but every time I reach a point of vulnerability in life, the enemy constantly reminds me of all my failures.   I am often guilty of letting him convince me that I am not worthy to be in places that I am obviously called to.  I am not proud of this but sometimes I make it so easy for him. That particular night, I almost didn’t go to the event.  My husband knew what I was going through and convinced me that I needed to go.

As I drove from work, I prayed and asked God for some kind of sign that I was not alone.  Even though I had been to plenty of other events on my own, and normally make it a point to meet new people, this time when I walked in, I felt pitiful.

I expected for my prayer to be answered with some dramatic experience or by God revealing something to me in worship.  But my answer came in the form of a sweet young lady who cared enough to say hello.  There were three significant things about our short meeting.  The first, was simply the fact that she said hello.  The second, was that she invited me to be part of her group.  The last, was that an hour and a half later, when the service was over and I was leaving, she called me by my name and thanked me for hanging out with them.  …

Called me by my name!

God had my attention.  I was not alone.  Those few moments where someone showed the love of God changed my night. Did it change any of my situations? No.  But it was exactly the touch I needed to see that God was in all of them and continue to walk through them with strength.  The fact that I received her kind words before the service started, opened me up to hear the Lord in worship.  Then, when she did not let me leave without again extending her kindness, confirmed that even though I arrived on my own, I was not alone.

Fast forward to this week when Amy spoke at Life Today.  One of the biggest messagesdeniseedwards she wanted to share was how important it is to speak words of life over people.  Words of life… what do those sound like?  They do not necessarily come from some deep sermon where you clearly hear who you are to the Father.  Often times they are simple words that sometimes even come from strangers that just show people they are loved.  Amy has perfected the art of this.  She truly has a gift of making sure no one goes unnoticed.  And it does not stop after the initial meeting.  I have to add that when I got home that night I looked Amy up on Facebook.  I wanted to thank her for inviting me to sit with her and share a little about myself.  In her reply she said she was glad we met, told me what campus she attended church and said to text her if I was ever there on a Sunday so we could sit together. There is nothing special about me.  She just genuinely loves people.

I have a similar love for people but sometimes I have gotten so absorbed in my own issues that I missed an opportunity to speak words of life to someone that God put in my path for that very reason.  I try to be aware of those opportunities now.  The desire of my heart is for no one to go unnoticed or feel invisible when I’m around.  Many times this means stepping out of my comfort zone because I am a pretty shy person but it is ALWAYS worth it.

The great thing about “words of life” is they not only breathe life over the person who receives them, but they do the same for the person who speaks them.  Are there times you go to church and sit with your group or family where others sit around you that you don’t even acknowledge?  There could be someone sitting close by that needs a hello from you.  When you go to the grocery store or a restaurant, how do you treat the people who work there? Do you acknowledge them, look them in the eye and take the time to learn their name?  Yes, they are in an industry where their job is to serve you, but they are people that God loves who each have their own story.

From what I see every day, most people look straight through them and some people are just flat out rude.  Please know, my point is not to make anyone feel bad or point fingers, but to challenge everyone to be sensitive to the people around you that may be hurting.   They may be in a situation where they desperately need to hear from God and you may be the answer to prayers they don’t even know they have.  I challenge you to do for them what my friend Amy did for me the night we met because there is so much power in a simple “Hello”.

Written by Denise Edwards 

Be Calm and Invite Someone to Church

bellyintheparkWanna know what my big dream is for Embrace Grace? I’m a big dreamer so you know it’s going to be big ….

My dream is for EVERY girl in the WORLD that is single and has an unplanned pregnancy, that they would have a church that has an Embrace Grace program that they can go to for support to feel loved and find hope again in Jesus. 

I told you it is big. But I believe it can happen. And I don’t think it will take long. So far, God seems to be on a roll of saying, “YES” to everything. So many dreams are already coming true for this ministry!

I’m getting people from all over now that are huge fans of what God is doing in EG and want to help out in ways and one of them is by meeting girls that have bellies that they might see out and about, like at the mall, grocery store, restaurants, ANYWHERE.

Around ONE in THREE girls have an unplanned pregnancy … chances are, you are going to run into one. So the question I get is, how do I approach them? What do I say? So here are a few of my tips on inviting a pregnant girl to Embrace Grace.

#1. (and most important) MAKE SURE THEY ARE ACTUALLY PREGNANT!!! If you’re not quite sure, then maybe just don’t ask. You don’t want to create an awkward moment only to find out there isn’t a baby in the belly. AWKWARD! (When in doubt, walk away …)

#2. CHECK FOR THE RING. If they are wearing a wedding ring, then just smile and keep walking. But if they don’t have one, then there is a good chance they are single. (Some married girls don’t wear them because they have swollen fingers but it never hurts to ask anyways …)

#3. SMILE REALLY REALLY BIG! Don’t have a scared, concerned, or worried look on your face. I mean think about it … if someone came up to you and invited you to church and they had a very concerned look on their face, would you want to go? Yeah probably not. Just be happy and smile!

#3. COMPLIMENT FIRST. Who doesn’t like to be complimented? NO ONE. Say something like, “You are the cutest pregnant girl ever!” (that’s something I would say but you can totally steal it HA!) And then just go straight into your deal: “Have you ever heard of Embrace Grace? It’s a support group for girls that are not married and have an unplanned pregnancy. It’s SO fun. You’ll meet tons of girls that are going through the same as you and you’ll make lots of friends. Plus you get a giant baby shower with lots of free awesome stuff that you will need for the baby. You should come try it!” 

#4. SPEAK LIFE WORDS. Before you go, don’t forget to encourage them. It’s SO important. Leave them replaying words your words over and over again in their mind. Your words might be the hope that they needed to hear that day. You might be answering their prayer by reaching out. Be bold! Speak with authority. “You have an amazing destiny. You have a great purpose for your life. Thank you for choosing life. God’s plans for you are amazing. You will be a great mom. You are strong. You and your baby can change the world.”

It’s that easy, people. Get their info and give to an Embrace Grace leader so they can contact them and personally invite them to class.

You have no idea the butterfly effect of you reaching out could be. You can change the world just by being obedient to the Holy Spirit’s prompting inside of you! Let’s love some mommas and save babies! Together we can make a difference! 

Written by Amy Ford

Free to be Me

supermomHi my name is Kim and I am a Single Mom. That’s not my identity, it’s just the season I am in right now.

Single moms are pretty much super moms.

Parenting and running a household is hard – especially all by yourself. Add to that working and being the only financial provider equals exhaustion. We all have different financial and custody issues, not to mention children at various stages with unique personalities. Being a single mom has forced me to concentrate on what matters and not get distracted by what might please or appease those around me. I just want to do what’s best for my kids. I can raise my boys, work full time, and also execute incredible, Martha-Stewart-worthy children’s birthday parties, rotate my house decor with the seasons, and also find time to occasionally sleep,

But even with all of that, eventually, I get reminded that what matters the most are just the essentials and it’s okay if I can’t “do it all.” For me ‘the essentials’ is a very, very short list that involves food, water and making sure my son is wearing mostly-clean underwear 😉 When you drop the expectations that are beyond just loving and providing for your kids, the extra’s become the fun and pleasant surprises. When you actually find a moment to sit and read a book, or put up a new wreath on the door, it becomes WAY more fulfilling and fun.

I invite you to take off your super mom or super dad cape, too sometimes and just take a deep breath. Even if you’re not a single parent just focus on the things you CAN do, instead of being overwhelmed by everything your circumstances and limitations that prevent you from doing what you CAN’T do.

Lately things have changed and God has been placing amazing people in my life, and putting me in really good situations. For over a month now I have been working for a ministry called MarriageToday (a ministry to establish, strengthens, save, and restore family and marriage relationships through a Biblical message of healing, restoration, hope and encouragement.) I cannot tell you how much I have been richly blessed by these new changes in my life.

People and opportunities keep coming into my life to help me accomplish my goals and drea,s. All I can say is that when God has something for you to do, there is no shaking it off. I tried to run away from it, and avoid it for a while, but when He’s ready for you to begin His work, there is no one and no thing that can stop you. I see this happening with me each and every day.

Each day I strive to start my day with a prayer giving Him thanks and recognition for all He’s done for me and my family, and that He will continue to lead me and guide me in the direction that He wants me to go. This isn’t a destination where I am but a journey that has led me here. I am discovering my full identity and master purpose in life. God opened this door for me for a reason and I believe we’re all called into a degree of ministry, to serve God in some way.

One thing I have learned is God may have a slightly different plan and just wants you to step out in faith. Remember it’s His agenda, not ours. His is WAY more fun anyways.

Releasing my unrealistic expectations of myself and control by just letting God take the reigns in my life is one of the most exciting and liberating experiences. If you are a single mom, I encourage you to do the same!

Written by Kimberly Martin, Embrace Grace “Bloom” Alumni

Grace Bubble

bubblesI held in my hand a tiny clear heart shaped plastic container filled with bubble solution and sat down in the wooden swing in the midst of the garden. It is here that I find a place of inspiration and peace. A place to be still and a time of reflection. I opened the heart shaped lid of bubbles and began to pucker up my lips and breathe in and exhale to produce the tiniest of bubbles. My eyes gazed in amazement as the wind captured the floating weightless bubbles into numerous directions.

An impression upon my heart began to take shape. The tiniest of bubbles can be filled with an array and assortment of so many types of emotions.

I hear a whisper Ease her pain.

I close my eyes and begin to see an assortment and array of various sizes of bubbles hanging by a thin tiny fiberoptic string. They are hanging pretty loosely but long to be able to float around freely without attachment. Inside the bubbles are many types of emotions. Lots of happiness, joy, laughter, goodness and sweetness. Those are the happy bubbles.

But there are also lots of tears, hurt and pain trapped within these sadness bubbles. I hear the words Ease her Pain again. My heart is searching for the cause of these tears, sadness, and pain for “her” and so many others like her. In a sense their emotions are bottled up in a bubble solution and they are just waiting to be exhaled and released. Pain and sorrow that was caused by hurt, wounds, rejection, loss, fear, abuse and sins of this world. The pain that is bottled up inside of you right now is aching to come out and be released.

When doubts and fears arise I choose to trust you. Jesus you are my safe place. My hiding place. My safe refuge.

Imagination Station:

Imagine if you could enter into a grace bubble for a moment. Allow yourself to clear the mechanism. Clear out the other voices, distractions and noises that surround you and just be still for a bit. There is something that Jesus wants to speak to you, right now, at this very moment. Get in a comfortable and quiet place. Close your eyes and imagine a giant bubble. You are safe and sound inside this bubble. Covered in grace. While inside your bubble allow yourself to be reminded of a time or instance that you felt pain… a time that you felt scared, angry or hurt. Hold onto that thought for a brief moment. Whatever the source of that pain is; I want you to know there is healing awaiting you.

Now Jesus wants to step into the bubble with you. He wants to allow you time to vent, express your dissatisfaction, anger and emotions regarding this situation and pain. He says it is safe. Just let it out. Let it all out. Every last bit. You can cry it out if you want to. Allow the words to flow. You can scream and shout, or you can be silent and just allow the thoughts in your mind to be expressed to him when the words will not come. Whatever it takes to release the pain. Every last drop. He is waiting. He is listening. He cares so much about you. He wants to ease your pain. Give it all to Jesus.

Words bubble up from waters deep within a person… {Proverbs 18:4}

A prayer for you:

Jesus I lift up this precious life before you now. She is inside this bubble of grace with you and she is ready and willing for you to release and ease her pain. Please come and do what you do best. Say these words with me… I ask you to ease my pain Jesus…. 

It’s that simple.

Now picture Jesus collecting all of the pain solution that you just released and fully cleansing and washing it away.

He replaces with a joyous solution surrounded by grace. A happy bubble filled with joy that floats freely and effortlessly in the gentle wind. No longer tied up and constrained to the sticky fiberoptic string. Your bubbles will be able to be filled with peace, grace, love and joy.

He longs to ease your pain. Will you allow Him? Will you go there with Him? This imagination station can be done as frequent as you like. I have done this in the car while driving down the road, sitting in my favorite chair, and lots of other places. Freedom is found here. Jesus eases my pain and He longs to ease your pain too.

Maybe you are not ready just yet. But when the time arises and you feel ready; you can always reflect back to this post and allow yourself to enter into the grace bubble and release your pain and emotions.

Written by Salina Duffy