Condition of Our Heart

hydrangeaBut you ARE a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light. {1 Peter 2:9}

I went home to Mississippi for a visit and was captivated by the royal purple hydrangeas between my sister and her neighbors house. I had a few minutes alone and decided to go photograph the flowers that had caused me to pause and take in their beauty.

As I was crouched down next to them, exploring all of the angles, the neighbor walked up. She is a 90-something year old firecracker named “Ol’ Weezy.” She proudly told me that I would never guess the secret to how she was able to produce such beautiful hydrangeas. I remember laughing and just telling her that they were beautiful and that she didn’t have to tell me what it was. I left for home later that day and heard the Lord whisper to my heart that He knew the secret to what made the hydrangeas the color that they were. Intrigued, I wrote it down and anticipated being able to research further. It turns out that the acidic value of the soil is what gives the hydrangea color. If you want pink, you want to keep the aluminum out. If you want blue, you add it. Many things contribute to the color: the soil, environment, care, etc. You can add things to the soil to change the color as well as different neutralizers to add variation.

As I was researching, I felt the Lord was asking me about the soil of my heart. Is it acidic? Alkaline? Is it guarded? Is it pure and holy? What an overwhelming sense of strength came during this moment!

Life brings about change. Sometimes we expect it, sometimes it catches us off guard and we have a hard time understanding. In Hebrews 13:8, it says that Jesus Christ is the same- yesterday, today and forever. Our life can change, but He cannot. There is so much peace in that. I can add to my life good things and watch the blossoms burst with color or I can become bitter and ungrateful and notice the brown spots on the petals appear.

My prayer for you is that you will examine the soil of your heart and discover what needs to be added. Ask the Lord to show you how to guard your heart with His promises and plans for your life. 

Written by Rachel Kevil, Embrace Grace Southlake Leader

3 thoughts on “Condition of Our Heart

  1. Beautiful!!! It is so easy to get caught up in what is happening around us and forget to tend to our hearts. Thank you for sharing your heart.

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