Fields of Grace

girlinfieldI awoke early this morning with a song on my heart. The chorus kept replaying over and over.

Dancing with my Father God in Fields of Grace– by Big Daddy Weave. A recollection of a few months ago when the band came to perform live during an Awaken NOW Conference at Gateway Church began to unfold before me. I envisioned  Big Daddy Weave along with the band on stage singing that very same song and the crowd dancing joyfully and happily. We were awakened to a newness on the inside.

As the lyrics began to replay this morning; thoughts of flowers dancing gracefully in a field began to play vividly in my mind. Flowers of various shapes, colors, textures and designs. Fields upon fields of flowers. And then remarkably a couple hours later as I was driving and looked to my left, a green meadow filled with yellow and purple flowers were before me. I imagined standing in that very field and bending down to smell the sweet aroma of  flowers and to handpick some for a bouquet as a keepsake.

Different scenarios began to form and take shape and come to life. Scenarios being scenes that took place in my mind as I reflected upon the flowers and their symbolism.

The first instance was a promise my Mom has been given. The promise was made that she would be dancing as a little girl in a field of wildflowers. She is holding onto a promise that she will be pain free. It breaks my heart at times to see the pain that she endures daily. My Mom has been diagnosed with many different ailments, aches and pains associated with her arthritis and fibromyalgia.  It’s much harder for her to get around and have mobility like she was accustomed to having before the aches and pains arose. Some days she says she just wishes she could move and groove, and even dance happily without being in pain. I am standing, praying and believing with her. Her healing will come. I believe!

So the promise is received by faith. {Romans 4:16}

The second instance was for every Embrace Grace bloom. Alumni, current and future blooms that will encounter and experience fields of grace. We love to say that God handpicks each and every one of you just like flowers in a field. He captures and ever so gently picks the beauty, love and grace that is within you as His own bouquet to share with the world. He whispers sweet promises over you and straight to your heart. He tells you that it’s all going to be ok. There is nothing to fear when your Daddy is near. No matter what you are facing, no matter what comes your way… you are never, ever, ever alone. He chose you to be a mommy for this baby, at this time, out of all the other girls in the world. He chose you to bring life and love to your precious baby to nurture and protect. To welcome the daily joys of motherhood and all the loving encounters just waiting to be shared. If you are placing your baby with a sweet adoptive family please know that we honor you for your bravery and courage.  Adoption is one of the biggest sacrifices.

He makes a promise to you today. He is for YOU precious bloom!

The third instance was for you precious reader. Maybe you are waiting on a promise that was given to you to be fulfilled. I can see you among thousands of other flowers swaying in the wind and thoughts crossing your mind of… did I really hear that promise? Will it ever come true? I have been waiting on a healing touch or for a delivery of something I have been expecting for such a long time… how long must I wait? 

Patient endurance is what you need now…Then you will receive all that He has promised. {Hebrews 10:36}

Your Father God…Your Daddy is your Promise Maker and Promise Keeper. He longs to fulfill those promises that He has made with you. Maybe you heard a promise whispered in your ear a long time ago and you have thought that too much time has passed for that promise to ever come to pass. Maybe you think it was just too good to be true… Oh sweetheart, that’s when you know it’s going to be ABOVE and BEYOND what you could ever ask, dream or imagine!

He {She} was fully convinced that God is able to do whatever He promises. {Romans 4:21}

So you may be wondering…

What does it look like to dance in fields of grace? 

The quote “dance like no one is watching” comes to mind at the moment. You are covered in grace. No matter where you have been or where you are right now at this very moment. You are a flower in a field of grace with your Daddy waiting to twirl you around and hold you in the sweetest embrace.

Take some moments for this picture to resound so sweetly on the inside of you. If you can, turn on a favorite song and begin to dance in your own creative way. A true expression of your love song and dance as a pure display of a heavenly interaction. As you sway and dance to the music, its as if the flowers in the field are dancing with you. Can you feel the gentle breeze?

What does your field of grace resemble? What are some promises that you are patiently waiting on?

We would love for you to share your thoughts with us! We can pray and believe with you!

Written by Salina Duffy

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