Teamwork is Dreamwork

cheerA cheer team joined around a table to make preparations for their next pep rally and game day. A bubbly cheerleaders t-shirt caught my attention as I passed by their gathering. The front said CHEER, and the back read:  TEAMWORK IS DREAMWORK

I love the simplicity as well as BIG capacity this slogan brings. When a team collaborates and begins to bring ideas, thoughts and passions together the results can deliver such an impact. Whether they are planning for an arrival, an event, or their next cheer, they are dreaming up new ways to capture an audience and to boost up confidence for the team-players.

This slogan rings true for so many walks of life. In Embrace Grace we love to say that we are here to love and cheer you on during your pregnancy and becoming a mommy. The little pep talks, encouraging and life giving words are like cheers, clapping and praises from the stands. We are rooting for you! We are here to cheer you on! You can do it, yes you can! As your baby grows…from conception to birth…1St, 2nd 3rd trimester coming round.   Your Baby is coming soon!  I know this may be a little cheesy, but it’s catchy and you never know how a sweet little pep talk can boost up a pregnant mama’s hope and bring a smile to her face. That little bit of encouragement can bring a bounce in her step.

We as leaders are an Embrace Grace Team. We are joined together in unity with our heartbeats in alignment to cheer and embrace each girl in their pregnancy, delivery, motherhood journey and beyond. We are dreaming BIG!! We are gathering around tables just as the cheerleaders did and planning up special events. Dreaming and designing up the most exciting and inspiring ways to celebrate life.

We are changing the world 2 little heartbeats at a time… the mommies and the babies!

Rhythms of grace is a beautiful way to describe how we as moms, daughters, leaders, and caregivers can flow in the rhythms and movements of grace. Busy schedules, school, appointments, and more can be on our daily agendas. We can move in the rhythms of grace that we were designed to flow; or we may have a few too many activities on our daily log. At times we might need to take a second look and reevaluate and see what is most important. Pick from the most important and life giving activities, and place some of the others to the side for a moment or two. Allow that rhythm to bring peace to your life.

I was flowing in rhythms of grace today. I had a few hospital visitations on my agenda. I walked into Baylor Hospital with such a happy heart and so thankful for the honor and opportunity to visit these sweet mommies. I was able to cheer our sweet embrace grace girls on and give them rays of hope and sunshine. Bringing rainbows and promises to fill their day.

I looked around at the nurses and Dr.’s as I passed down the hallway, then came to the baby nursery and my heart began to fill with joy. Knowing that babies were being born at this very moment. It brings tears to my eyes and a joy unspeakable on the inside. I love births! I love babies! I love life!

I began to think of how a delivery room is filled with a team. The star of the event is of course the pregnant mommy and her baby. Jesus is always there in the delivery room along with the angels by their side.  Dr’s, nurses or midwives are there to assist and deliver your baby. Family and friends gather around to cheer you on and say you are almost there, just a few more pushes. They are joining with you in a celebration of life as your baby comes forth from your womb into your loving arms. This is such a miracle of life. A team effort on all parties. In my book it is the best event ever in the entire world… when a baby is born. Life. Love. Looking into the eyes of your precious baby. Singing Lullabies. A sweetness to be shared in the room. What a glorious event! 

We as an Embrace Team cheer you on today. Whatever your walk of life may be. May you walk by faith and know that you have cheerleaders on your side. We are celebrating every step of the way with you. Step by step. Rhythm by rhythm. Filled with Grace.

A sweet word spoken from a pastor at Gateway that I just came across this morning is this:

God is about to push you out to a place that is bigger and better than you could ever ask, dream or imagine! So get ready. Whatever dreams are in your womb, they are about to come forth. Dream BIG!!! God says… JUST ASK ME!! He is your DREAMMAKER. He loves to fulfill your DREAMS. So go there with Him. Be brave and ask. Just see what He will do. You will love the outcome!

That’s how you change the world- 

by Newsboys
It’s the prayer in an empty room
Little things we do when nobody’s around
A hand reaching out to a heart in doubt
It’s the smallest spark that can light the dark

That’s how you change the world
Oh oh oh oh (Change the world)
That’s how you change the world
Oh oh oh oh (Change the world)

A million little drops of rain
Can be enough to cause a tidal wave
A flood of Your love
That no one can contain

It’s the kind words
A simple smile
More than showin’ up
Going the extra mile
It’s giving everything
When you’ve got nothin’ left
Sharin’ a little hope
With a single breath

That’s how you change the world
That’s how you change the world

It’s the prayer in an empty room
A hand reaching out to a heart in doubt 

Written by Salina Duffy  

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