Grace Bubble

bubblesI held in my hand a tiny clear heart shaped plastic container filled with bubble solution and sat down in the wooden swing in the midst of the garden. It is here that I find a place of inspiration and peace. A place to be still and a time of reflection. I opened the heart shaped lid of bubbles and began to pucker up my lips and breathe in and exhale to produce the tiniest of bubbles. My eyes gazed in amazement as the wind captured the floating weightless bubbles into numerous directions.

An impression upon my heart began to take shape. The tiniest of bubbles can be filled with an array and assortment of so many types of emotions.

I hear a whisper Ease her pain.

I close my eyes and begin to see an assortment and array of various sizes of bubbles hanging by a thin tiny fiberoptic string. They are hanging pretty loosely but long to be able to float around freely without attachment. Inside the bubbles are many types of emotions. Lots of happiness, joy, laughter, goodness and sweetness. Those are the happy bubbles.

But there are also lots of tears, hurt and pain trapped within these sadness bubbles. I hear the words Ease her Pain again. My heart is searching for the cause of these tears, sadness, and pain for “her” and so many others like her. In a sense their emotions are bottled up in a bubble solution and they are just waiting to be exhaled and released. Pain and sorrow that was caused by hurt, wounds, rejection, loss, fear, abuse and sins of this world. The pain that is bottled up inside of you right now is aching to come out and be released.

When doubts and fears arise I choose to trust you. Jesus you are my safe place. My hiding place. My safe refuge.

Imagination Station:

Imagine if you could enter into a grace bubble for a moment. Allow yourself to clear the mechanism. Clear out the other voices, distractions and noises that surround you and just be still for a bit. There is something that Jesus wants to speak to you, right now, at this very moment. Get in a comfortable and quiet place. Close your eyes and imagine a giant bubble. You are safe and sound inside this bubble. Covered in grace. While inside your bubble allow yourself to be reminded of a time or instance that you felt pain… a time that you felt scared, angry or hurt. Hold onto that thought for a brief moment. Whatever the source of that pain is; I want you to know there is healing awaiting you.

Now Jesus wants to step into the bubble with you. He wants to allow you time to vent, express your dissatisfaction, anger and emotions regarding this situation and pain. He says it is safe. Just let it out. Let it all out. Every last bit. You can cry it out if you want to. Allow the words to flow. You can scream and shout, or you can be silent and just allow the thoughts in your mind to be expressed to him when the words will not come. Whatever it takes to release the pain. Every last drop. He is waiting. He is listening. He cares so much about you. He wants to ease your pain. Give it all to Jesus.

Words bubble up from waters deep within a person… {Proverbs 18:4}

A prayer for you:

Jesus I lift up this precious life before you now. She is inside this bubble of grace with you and she is ready and willing for you to release and ease her pain. Please come and do what you do best. Say these words with me… I ask you to ease my pain Jesus…. 

It’s that simple.

Now picture Jesus collecting all of the pain solution that you just released and fully cleansing and washing it away.

He replaces with a joyous solution surrounded by grace. A happy bubble filled with joy that floats freely and effortlessly in the gentle wind. No longer tied up and constrained to the sticky fiberoptic string. Your bubbles will be able to be filled with peace, grace, love and joy.

He longs to ease your pain. Will you allow Him? Will you go there with Him? This imagination station can be done as frequent as you like. I have done this in the car while driving down the road, sitting in my favorite chair, and lots of other places. Freedom is found here. Jesus eases my pain and He longs to ease your pain too.

Maybe you are not ready just yet. But when the time arises and you feel ready; you can always reflect back to this post and allow yourself to enter into the grace bubble and release your pain and emotions.

Written by Salina Duffy 

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