Be Calm and Invite Someone to Church

bellyintheparkWanna know what my big dream is for Embrace Grace? I’m a big dreamer so you know it’s going to be big ….

My dream is for EVERY girl in the WORLD that is single and has an unplanned pregnancy, that they would have a church that has an Embrace Grace program that they can go to for support to feel loved and find hope again in Jesus. 

I told you it is big. But I believe it can happen. And I don’t think it will take long. So far, God seems to be on a roll of saying, “YES” to everything. So many dreams are already coming true for this ministry!

I’m getting people from all over now that are huge fans of what God is doing in EG and want to help out in ways and one of them is by meeting girls that have bellies that they might see out and about, like at the mall, grocery store, restaurants, ANYWHERE.

Around ONE in THREE girls have an unplanned pregnancy … chances are, you are going to run into one. So the question I get is, how do I approach them? What do I say? So here are a few of my tips on inviting a pregnant girl to Embrace Grace.

#1. (and most important) MAKE SURE THEY ARE ACTUALLY PREGNANT!!! If you’re not quite sure, then maybe just don’t ask. You don’t want to create an awkward moment only to find out there isn’t a baby in the belly. AWKWARD! (When in doubt, walk away …)

#2. CHECK FOR THE RING. If they are wearing a wedding ring, then just smile and keep walking. But if they don’t have one, then there is a good chance they are single. (Some married girls don’t wear them because they have swollen fingers but it never hurts to ask anyways …)

#3. SMILE REALLY REALLY BIG! Don’t have a scared, concerned, or worried look on your face. I mean think about it … if someone came up to you and invited you to church and they had a very concerned look on their face, would you want to go? Yeah probably not. Just be happy and smile!

#3. COMPLIMENT FIRST. Who doesn’t like to be complimented? NO ONE. Say something like, “You are the cutest pregnant girl ever!” (that’s something I would say but you can totally steal it HA!) And then just go straight into your deal: “Have you ever heard of Embrace Grace? It’s a support group for girls that are not married and have an unplanned pregnancy. It’s SO fun. You’ll meet tons of girls that are going through the same as you and you’ll make lots of friends. Plus you get a giant baby shower with lots of free awesome stuff that you will need for the baby. You should come try it!” 

#4. SPEAK LIFE WORDS. Before you go, don’t forget to encourage them. It’s SO important. Leave them replaying words your words over and over again in their mind. Your words might be the hope that they needed to hear that day. You might be answering their prayer by reaching out. Be bold! Speak with authority. “You have an amazing destiny. You have a great purpose for your life. Thank you for choosing life. God’s plans for you are amazing. You will be a great mom. You are strong. You and your baby can change the world.”

It’s that easy, people. Get their info and give to an Embrace Grace leader so they can contact them and personally invite them to class.

You have no idea the butterfly effect of you reaching out could be. You can change the world just by being obedient to the Holy Spirit’s prompting inside of you! Let’s love some mommas and save babies! Together we can make a difference! 

Written by Amy Ford

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