Help Us, Help You, Help Them

3holdinghandsIf you’re reading this blog, it’s either because you have an unplanned pregnancy yourself, are connected to Embrace Grace already in some way … or maybe there has been a gentle tugging on your heart to start your own?

We need your help! THEY need your help! 

Sometimes people approach me very wary and non-committal, not really sure what all is involved leading an Embrace Grace group at their church.

It’s easy! You don’t have to have any special qualifications or pastors degree to do this – anyone can that 1. has a heart that loves these girls 2. doesn’t judge or throw stones and 3. has approval from their church/spiritual authority. That’s it!

HELP US: We need you! Without you, there wouldn’t be an Embrace Grace. We need people to step and step out – and inspire your church to have a program for single and pregnant girls. Be the church in your community that is different … the one that opens their doors in love, not slams it shut and condemns.

HELP YOU: We can help you! We can provide all the tools necessary to start an Embrace Grace program. We have the curriculum/study guide, the unique gifts that they receive during the teachings and all the leadership materials that you need to have a successful class. We can even provide that to you at no cost if your church/spiritual covering does not have the outreach funds to pay for it.

HELP THEM: They need help. They need spiritual mommas to love on them and encourage them. They need someone to believe in them and tell them it will be okay. They need someone to point them to the arms of a Heavenly Father that accepts and receives them right where they are. They need love and they need the practical help – the baby shower – to help get them on the right track with material needs they have.

It’s really simple. Request an info packet to get more details on how it all works by emailing and one of our team members will send you our promo materials. You can take that, pray about leading and if God say’s yes, take it to your pastoral team and get them to approve it! We are here for you through the whole process!

Let’s join hands and make a difference in the Kingdom by reaching out to these girls with broken hearts. They are so easy to love and worthy of it.

Love BIG with us! It will change your life!! 

Written by Amy Ford

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