It’s finally here.

It’s been in the works for the past few months but has been on our hearts the past few years.

Brandon Day of Think Tree Media went above and beyond the call of a normal video company … he truly captured the emotion of that moment and season from the girl’s perspective that has that Bump in Life, an unplanned pregnancy while visually displaying the hope of Jesus that changes everything that she receives while going through an Embrace Grace program.

Our prayer is that this video will be seen by that girl that might be still contemplating abortion, but sees that there is hope and that there is a church she can turn to for support.

Our prayer is that this video will be seen by that girl that might have an unplanned pregnancy but has lost all hope for her future and needs for that hope to be renewed.

Our prayer is that the church will open it’s eyes to this HUGE need we have in every community to support girls with unplanned pregnancies by honoring them for choosing life.

Our prayer is that YOU WILL SHARE THIS VIDEO! Share on TWITTER. Share on FACEBOOK. SHARE EVERYWHERE. THEN SHARE IT AGAIN. Ask your friends to share it too! Help us get the word out! When you share it, use the hashtag #iembracegrace so we can track your thoughts!

*** One more totally amazing piece of information. The lead character in this film is actually an Embrace Grace alumni from our very first semester. Her name is Sarah Wuest and her little girl Fiona is now FIVE years old!! Her full story can be found in the book, A Bump in Life within the chapter titled, “Sarah”.

Written by Amy Ford & The Embrace Grace Team

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