Dream Feathers

shutterstock_70084831While out for a nature walk at Bear Creek Park the most unusual and rare encounter took place. We were filled with amazement and awe as we walked up and over the tiny dirt hill and approached the broken tree trunk where I love to sit and write. It is here that lots of creation and inspiration is given. As we walked closer and closer we saw what appeared to be a big white pile of some fluffy stuff. Too early for snow we knew. We were unsure of exactly what until we were reached the exact spot and to our surprise there were thousands of white feathers gathered in one location. We looked at each other and thoughts arose of how in the world did this many feathers just appear in this specific spot? The feathers were nowhere else to be seen in all of the woods, but this particular spot where I love to come and be inspired. Thousands upon thousands of white feathers. We scooped down to pick up the feathers in our hand and threw them up in the air and they fluttered down upon our heads. We were all like little kids. Young and young at heart alike. My Mom and I along with my son and his two little friends that were girls shared the most fascinating experience together. Feathers being tossed up again and again. We giggled and screamed out in sheer adoration and delight.

Our imaginations were soaring. Had angels come prior to our arrival with bags full of feathers and spread them all out for us to see and enjoy? Had some kids had a really big pillow fight and surprisingly somehow the feathers were contained in this small section only without being spread around the rest of the woods? Did the heavens open up and just dump the feathers straight from the sky to this exact location? It was like a giant feather cloud. There were way to many feathers for it to have been one bird shedding its feathers. Not even an eagle has this many feathers!  How could this be? I could feel the joy and excitement bubbling up within me.

It is at this exact spot that I will write out dreams and visions that are on my heart. This spot is where God loves to download new things to me. Heavenly things that He is revealing to me that He desires to be shared with others. I knew that God was smiling and filled with so much joy to see our hearts filled with joy and amazement as we found the feathers He had deposited around my special spot for us to capture.

We each dreamed aloud with our imaginations as we tossed the feathers up in the air. The two little girls dreamed for a pony, a zebra, a castle where she was treated like royalty, and so much more! They were allowing their dreams to be explored and shared vividly as we stood upon the feather cloud.

Feathers have been a fascination with me for quite a while now. I will see feathers in parking lots and fields and bend down and collect the single ones that are found here and there. My best friend had shared with me one time that she read this book titled Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson. It has a single white feather on the front and describes how to fulfill your God-given dream and destiny.  She shares this same fascination and collection of feathers with me and it’s always so fun to share our experiences with one another.

The night before the feather exploration I was sharing a very special dream with my Mom. She came to visit and she closed her eyes and could literally see herself in this dream. I would like to share a portion of this dream with you. Maybe you can relate in some way or allow yourself to open up and dream in a new way.

My Mom and I were together on a very long journey. Sometimes we were driving and riding together, other times we were apart. We were also on foot walking for long periods of time, climbing up and down steep rocks and down this deep ravine. We climbed up and down and kept traveling. Somehow we made it to this very tall building with many floors and levels. Some floors had a mall area with shops and a food court. Other floors had a school area with classrooms setup and lessons being taught. There were lots of  Embrace Grace girls in many classrooms and they were eating at the food court and shopping at the stores.  Mom and I shared a special connection and joined back together for another journey. We walked down a long dirt road, past homes and subdivisions and into a secret hideaway place. Behind a curtain. There was a meditation and relaxation secluded spot to get-a-way from the world. A place where you can just be- just be you and me. No pressures. No craziness. No stress. We walk in these wooden doors and a man holding a tray of vessels of water (my mom loves her water) He said it was all for my Mom! Tray full of at least 12 vessels. I have never seen before (not just in the plastic water bottles that we normally drink from.) Then we walked down a hallway, curtains leading to different rooms. We are led back to this area with food. There was a bowl of white heavenly soup prepared especially for my Mom. She tipped it over just a little on the side and some spilled out onto the floor. There were small rocks on the table. Very symbolic. We felt such peace. The white soup was like manna from heaven & so life giving. Spiritual food and water- life filled! After my Mom ate the manna and drank the living water, she felt so full and nourished and satisfied. She was led into another room and I followed her. She stood in this room and was in awe. Her eyes were locked in on a beautiful high back white love seat. It was so pure, lovely, holy, righteous, silky, inviting, so elegant, so heavenly. My mom said oh, can you take a picture of me sitting in the love seat? I said certainly! She walked towards the love seat and began to sit down. She felt such love surround her, all around her. She was so relaxed and felt such peace. A little girl sat beside her and touched her hand. She had brown curly hair. She looked up into my mom’s eyes. They looked into each other’s eyes. Not a word was even spoken. The little girl gently rubbed my mom’s arm. There was so much love shared between the two of them. They were the same. It was her. It was my mom as a little girl. Her sweet innocence and gentleness, she was happy. She did not feel any pain at that time in her life. My mom reclined back in the love seat and felt a sharp pain, the little girl felt sad and could sense her pain. All the struggles and hurt and health issues she had to battle. She hoped that she could let go of the pain and fully release it all. It had been a long journey. A very long journey for my mom. She was tired. She was ready for relief. She was ready for her healing. She was ready to be rescued. She closed her eyes and fell asleep. Then I awoke from my dream. I felt such sweet peace.

After sharing this dream so vividly with my mom and then the very next day capturing all the fluffy white feathers that somehow appeared and were meant for us to see. It gave my mom hope. Lots of hope. She has been on a very long journey. A long road towards her healing. She knows she is getting closer. She can sense a change is coming. We gathered so many of the white feathers, dream feathers, and placed them in a keepsake bag. We then took a long walk into the woods along the winding trails. Admired the trees and the creek below. We came upon  wooden stairs leading to a steep path down towards the creek. It was very rocky. The ravine and path resembled the path I had seen in my dream that we took on foot. Even though my mom was in pain and it hurt her so bad to go down the steps and rocky path, she ventured down and held my hand each step of the way. She was full of determination to get to the end. She would not give up. She would stand firm. She would stand strong. She would walk along the path she has been given. She will journey towards the dreams God has for her.

Will you do the same? The dreams. The desires. The destinies God has placed inside of you. The feathers are placed before you. Embrace your dream feathers. God is your Dream Maker. God is your Dream Giver. He has placed many dreams inside of you. Allow yourself to dream. Allow yourself to relive the hopes and dreams deep inside of you. Keep a dream journal and record the dreams you have while you sleep and the daydreams too. Don’t ever give up on your dreams! Dream Big! Dream Bold!

Written by Salina Duffy



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