Inspiring Pro-Love Photos

I have had so many amazing and beautiful stories in Embrace Grace but today, I wanted to show a few of my favorite photos … the imagery that tells a story with just one snapshot. There are SO many great ones we have and if I could post them all, this blog would read for days. But I threw together some of my all time faves!


Salina speaking words of life over an Embrace Grace girl – and the girl feeling God’s love in a way that she desperately needed. 

She left feeling empowered and confident in this new season of being a mommy. Spiritually and emotionally healthy mommies parent spiritually and emotionally healthy children. Embrace Grace loves the babies AND the mommas! 

Image shot by Elisa Michelene Photography 


Women church groups adopted Embrace Grace girls to pray over them for a semester and purchase gifts for their baby. We come together in one big baby shower to celebrate and honor the girls for choosing LIFE! This shot was an action prayer shot of women praying over the mommas and the babies. Image shot by Elisa Michelene Photography 


An Embrace Grace girl ready to throw her wounds and hurts that she has held on too for so long, into the fire. She prayed and released it to God and was ready to move forward with her head held a little higher and a brighter outlook on life, without being pulled back by the past. Image shot by Trevor Devage Photography


The babies! We can’t get enough of them! This was just shot by one of the young mom’s phones at the end of an Embrace Grace class. All the mom’s decided to lay their babies together and take a pic. This is what it’s all about … these lives. These little precious people that have a HUGE calling and purpose on their life! We can’t get enough of their faces! 

SPrandomjordancryOk this one makes me cry. For anyone that has read my book, A Bump in Life … you’ll know who this is and why it’s precious. This is Jordan from my very first chapter. We were signing books at the book launch and I never noticed her crying until I saw this pic afterwards of her crying and another Embrace Grace girl hugging on her. I messaged her and asked why she was and she said, “Oh, I always cry when I see the Star’s.” Note: Mr. Star is the man at the UPS shipping store that God brought to her to tell her about Embrace Grace at a time when she was desperate … his wife is who got her plugged into the group. She had just saw them at the launch and started crying – thinking of that day that God answered her prayer and someone cared enough to remember the girl at the UPS store needed help. Shot by Stacie Pierce

babiesThis isn’t even the whole group but this is one semester of mommies and some of the babies are newly born and some of them are still in their momma’s wombs. This is at one of our baby showers back in March. There is something about seeing generations changed … this pro-love movement will change the world! Love breaks down walls! Love inspires love! Love is contagious! Shot by Rachel Kevil.


Some of our girls getting beautiful on the outside. They are already glowing and radiant on the inside. Maybe if girls could see how much they are loved, valued, and cherished by God, maybe they wouldn’t believe the lies the world tells them. Maybe they would walk in the confidence God gives them … knowing who they are and WHOSE they are. Daughters of the King! Shot by Elisa Michelene Photography


Salina praying over the babies and the mommies. Not really much else to add to that. It’s simple and powerful. Love this! Shot by Stacie Pierce.


Just 3 days ago we had the biggest baby shower we’ve ever had … 52 girls. FIFTY-TWO. Incredible! Of course there really isn’t a photo to capture the entire thing on camera and do it justice. The room was just too big and SO many girls. Here is a panoramic shot of the room before all the people arrived. It was the best baby shower EVER! 

November is ADOPTION MONTH!!! I’m going to end this post with some of my favorite adoption photos! 


An adoptive mom hugging a birth mom. She was thanking her for the gift of life and for helping her life-long prayer of being a mom,  be answered by this heroic birth mom. There were lots of tears in the room the day this happened! Shot by Rachel Kevil. 


This is a pastor baptizing his youth at his church. Little did he know, the girl he was baptizing in this moment, was carrying the baby that him and his wife would adopt as their own, months later. The love of his family changed this girl’s heart and now she is a birth mom! Birth moms are heroes! 







This is an adoptive mom getting to catch and hold her new baby that a birth mom was blessing her with. That moment of seeing her prayers answered and looking into the eyes of the child she prayed for makes me CRY! I’m sure it took her breath away! And she is an Embrace Grace leader – it’s Love in Action! 





This sweet little girl has SOOOO many people that love her!! This was the 1-year birthday party for this sweet baby. The birth parents got to have a party for her as well as her adoptive family. She had so many presents it was amazing. We all watched her every move, toddling around while we “ooohed and aaaahed” – she seriously is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen. This pic was shot in that moment, while we were all captivated by her cuteness and how smart she is. The birth mom and dad are in the background, watching their baby that they chose life for, and chose to give her a life that they couldn’t. This baby is LOVE and the birth parents are forever one of my favorite people on this planet! Shot by Rachel Kevil. 

parkerbirthmomsThis shot was taken just an hour after this sweet baby girl was born. This is a pic of the birth parents spending time with their baby before they sign the adoption papers. The gift of life that they gave to an adoptive mom that prayed her entire life for, is indescribable. LIFE IS LOVE!!! Shot by Crissy Terrell.

I could go on and on for DAYS with pics … now you can see maybe why I lead this. My heart is all warm and fuzzy with lovey-feelings all the time. I can’t get enough of His goodness and grace – and how fun to overflow that onto girls that crave desperately that love as well. I am honored to serve with Embrace Grace. God say’s YES!

Written by Amy Ford

4 thoughts on “Inspiring Pro-Love Photos

  1. Wonderful pictures! Wonderful group of ladies! We adopted two precious children and I wish I could afford more! 😉 My thoughts and prayers are with them! ❤

  2. As a grandmother to adopted children…I have my own amazing stories of my mountain top experiences times two…how I got to go with my boss(attorney) and pick up our two precious babies and give them to my daughter who was the new mother…21months apart..diffrent
    Birth mothers…both babies brown eyed..who are now 33 and 31.
    I still am amazed at Gods love..what a joy to be blessed with adopted babies.

  3. I just found your blog and ministry a couple of days ago and signed up to receive your blog posts via email. This post blessed my heart so much. Not having much info on or experience with your ministry, it was such a blessing to see all these wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing them and for your huge, amazing heart for these babies and their mamas!!

  4. I just found your blog and ministry a couple of days ago and signed up to receive your blog posts via email. This post blessed my heart so much. Not having much info on or experience with your ministry, it was such a blessing to see all these wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing them and for your huge, amazing heart for these babies and their mamas!!

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