Hello Everyone! My name is Mickaela Helena Alves Rosario. I am a 19 year old Communications Major at the University of Texas Arlington.

I am originally from Boston, MA but have been living in TX for about 5 years. I moved here with my mother in 2009 due to her health conditions which include but are not limited to severe fibromyalgia, chronic nerve damage, muscle inflammation, spinal disc damage and frequent vertigo. I am her care taker and have been for a few years now. I help my mother with everything from food preparation to personal care. She is bed ridden 22 hours out of the day and is extremely limited in mobility.

I have always been a studious person. Not blessed with a great memory nor brilliance, my 4.0 GPA comes strictly from my discipline and dedication. I enjoy learning as much as I do sharing my knowledge and by that have been able to do well in school. I am extremely involved and social and have won multiple awards from Homecoming Queen, Talent Show Winner, Entrepreneur of the Year, Poetry Slams and UIL Gold for Poetry Interpretation. Academically I was on the National Honor Society in both High School and College and have made Dean’s List with High Honors. I was awarded the Freshmen Honors Scholarship upon applying for UTA for my academic performance. This helped me a great deal in paying for college.

In February 2013, mid semester, I discovered I was pregnant. For me personally,abortion was not an option. I knew the consequences of my actions and took full responsibility of the surprise, my partner however did not. I continued school while expecting. However, I became extremely ill as my first trimester progressed and was taken to the ER multiple times due to dehydration and malnutrition. I would vomit body acid as I was unable to hold down even liquids. I was barely receiving enough nutrients to support myself, never mind my unborn child, and was told that the chances of miscarrying were very high. I became bed ridden and was unable to attend classes causing my absences to pile up and my grades to decline. I eventually had to drop classes to save my GPA but was unable to keep my scholarships due to the consecutive semester policy in the contract. Thankfully, I began to recover and even better, my child is not only alive, but healthy!

Now, I await the birth of my son, Eli Cristiano, due October 10th, 2013 as a single parent caring not only for my baby, but my mother as well. I REFUSE to stop or even pause my education and plan on returning to school January 2014 for the Spring semester as I have had to take this fall off. I have the motivation, will, and commitment to complete my education, however financially I am going to need a lot of help. I need to obtain my degree in order to give my son the life he deserves, and my mother the support she needs. However my family is not my only obligation. I feel it is my God-given obligation to educate. I have such a desire to learn and to pass on knowledge that it is all I can see myself doing with the rest of my life. I want to teach, and eventually profess, the subject of communications because I feel there are so many brilliant individuals with genius ideas that just need to learn the art of expression. I want to encourage others to try, to work, to succeed. I want to teach people how to make things happen. Nothing would bring me more joy in this world than to live a life supporting my son, besides my mother, and leading my students.

Thank you Dr. Pepper.

Written by Mickaela Helena Alves Rosario

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