Pro-Love in Action

julie and jodi

A hero is defined as “…a person who is admired… for courage.” 

A hero shows bravery in the darkest, most frightening moments…when all others have run julie-hands on bellyaway, taken whatever route they could to avoid further pain or unknowns.  A hero steps forward ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the greater good.  In this case, the hero is a beautiful young mom.  In fact, she isn’t any mom, she is the courageous young mom who sacrificed her own body to give life to a beautiful little girl… a little girl that is now my daughter.

juliefirst time holdingI met this strong, young hero in September of 2012 through Embrace Grace.  I was a leader, she was one of our sweet young mommas.  A bond was soon formed but neither of us could have imagined in our wildest of dreams that we would be where we are on this day; as two mommies who share a love for one special little girl.  Our bond was formed through laughter, strawberries, long talks, car rides and Grace. But God had bigger plans than just a beautiful semester of unwrapping His grace together.  He wanted us to share in the miracle of life together.  He wanted us to be “mommies” together.  She is the strong, incredible birth mom who loves her baby more than she loves herself.  She is the mom who showed bravery in the darkest hour, where many young teenagers would take any route that would keep them from spending the next nine months of their life from outward baby bumps and cravings.  Yet during a frightening and uncertain time, she chose LIFE for her little one.  She is the mom who gave the most indescribable gift to me and my family.  She is the Hero. 

Today I would like to honor her.  She did not fall for the bait the enemy put before her.  Shejulie big sis lil sis did not give in to idea that an abortion would fix everything.  Instead, she went to school, she continued loving her gorgeous young son and she chose to carry the precious little girl who she has allowed me the privilege and great honor to call daughter.  Other than the gift God gave all who will believe, in sending His only son, I cannot think of a greater gift a person could give.  Not only did she give her child life, but she made our family of three, a family of four. We know that one of the best days of our lives will likely be remembered as the hardest day for one beautiful, courageous and lovely young lady. We are forever grateful to her for choosing LIFE and choosing us to Love this sweet little one. Nothing I say or do will ever adequately express my admiration and gratitude to this courageous young momma. But it won’t stop me from trying.

julie jodi holding ACThis Saturday we will be honoring her with a Celebration of Life party.  During each semester of Embrace Grace we host a baby shower for each expectant mom.  But for those who choose adoption, we host a Celebration of Life.  This day will be for her.  She does not need the regular items from a Baby Shower, she needs items to help her go to college, be a mom to her son and find a job.  In fact, just last night, she walked the stage and received her High school Diploma—a year and a half early!  She is strong, beautiful, determined, driven and has a bright and promising future.  She is already enrolled for her very first semester of college, beginning in January.  Please help us show her support, love and grace.  Please celebrate LIFE with us.  You can do this by attending the shower, donating a Gift Card or purchasing an item for her, please email Julie at:, for more information.

Something we say in Embrace Grace, be Pro-Love, not just Pro-Life… we are inviting you to join us in that.  Show Love, show Grace, be a blessing to a young Hero!

Written by Julie Rogers

2 thoughts on “Pro-Love in Action

  1. Jodi has been an amazing friend of mine since 8th grade for years she has touched my heart and gave me soneone to lookup to shes stronger then strong. And each day she amazes me more and more. I love you jodi and im so proud of you! Keep up the hard work and i know your already gonna go far! Love your jean!!

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