2013 At a Glance

celebrateThis last year has been SO amazing. I tend to have a personality that wants to GO GO GO and move fast. I’m an activator and like things to move. Sometimes I feel like things seem slow at times, like everything is in slow motion. But every once in a while, you just have to reflect on how far you’ve come, on how God opened doors that we could never have done on our own. He is MOVING and it really is fast! When you look back at the beginning of the year to now, WOW! What a beautiful Glory Story God is writing for Embrace Grace in all that He is doing in this ministry!

I wanted to list out some highlights from 2013. We just need to stop for a moment and give God praise for all that He is doing to save mommies and babies with Embrace Grace:

• We now have 32 total Embrace Grace groups across the nation and even in Canada that are fully serving single and pregnant mommas as well as the grandparents, fathers of the babies and even single young moms in US States of Texas, Arkansas, Florida, Oklahoma, Ohio, Montana, Michigan, and Minnesota!

• Embrace Grace has responded to almost 400 church and pregnancy center inquiries, most of them being from just this past 4 weeks. People all across the world are prayerfully considering beginning a group as well as approaching pastors and leadership for approval to love on these brave moms that choose LIFE!

A Bump in Life: True Stories of Hope and Courage during an Unplanned Pregnancy released on October 1st with B&H Publishing and is in bookstores nationwide. We had an amazing Embrace Grace celebration and book launch party! We celebrated with Awaken Movement that led awesome worship and Dan Dean of Phillips, Craig and Dean shared and sang. It was an unforgettable night!

• Embrace Grace was featured on Life Today with James Robison 3 times this year as well as Table Talk with Joni Show and other news shows and radio programs

• Embrace Grace launched their first commercial – it’s AMAZING! Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet!

• I have signed with Ambassador Speakers Bureau, allowing me to travel and speak, raising awareness to not just be pro-life, but truly being the hands and feet of Jesus by inspiring the world to be Pro-LOVE.

• Social Media and Blog numbers are climbing! Make sure and click “follow” in upper right corner of this blog and go to our facebook and twitter page and “like” us!

• We launched a beautiful website, www.iEmbraceGrace.com that shares all about the mission and heart behind Embrace Grace including what we have done, and where we are going.

• Most importantly, there have been lives changed, hearts healed, salvations and strong mommies encouraged and lifted up so that they can be all the mother that they were created to be by their Heavenly Father. We are gathering numbers on how many alumni “blooms” have been touched – we are excited to see how Embrace Grace is planting seeds in the hearts of our sweet and brave blooms.

We are laying the foundation for God to take this pro-love movement and spread it across the world like a wildfire. Being a leader in this ministry, I am continually amazed and blown away by what God does when we just be flexible to His plans. Hearing, Believing and Obeying is crucial and by doing that, we are confident in how He continues to equip us along the way. I’m glad I get to be along for this amazing God-Adventure!

You can partner with us in many different ways in 2014 including:
• PRAY! Pray for us as the non-profit, pray for all the leaders in Embrace Grace, pray that the church is awakened to the need to open their arms to these girls, and pray for these sweet and brave moms to choose LIFE and to get plugged into their church and realize that they do not have to walk this road alone.
• LEAD! Lead an Embrace Grace group – get started at your local church! There are girls in your local community that NEED this program – it might just be what helps them choose life.
• GIVE! Without your financial contributions, we are limited to what we can do. We have so many amazing ideas on how to reach out to these girls all over the nation, but we need your help to make an impact in the Kingdom. Consider partnering with us this year!

Stay tuned for more Glory Stories – It’s going to be WILD, It’s going to be GREAT, it’s going to be FULL OF HIM.

Written by Amy Ford

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