We are Family

holdinghandsSitting across the table from the pastor of a church in Dallas, my heart suddenly burst in emotion and I couldn’t hold back my happy tears. He had been sharing about his daughter having an unplanned pregnancy and the effect it had not only on his family but also his church that he pastored. This surprise little bundle of joy wrapped in a pink bow rocked their world in many ways. They were happy about this new addition, even though the timing wasn’t what they had hoped. He had shared the news with his congregation and it was received very well. The pastor shared how the members of the church frequently bought gifts for the baby and would encourage the mom and thank her for choosing life.

Then he dropped the love bomb that wrecked me. 

He shared how his daughter asked him if it would be okay to dedicate her daughter, his grandchild, at his church. He agreed and they arranged for this baby to be dedicated at their next scheduled ceremonies. The way this church conducts their baby dedications is that 4-5 families sign up and each family takes a moment at the altar and the pastor then asks for each baby, “Would the family members that represent this child please stand?” and the family members stand and the pastor leads in prayer. Family after family took their turn, praying over their sweet baby until finally, it was his baby granddaughter’s turn. He asked the same question that he had done before with each of the other families, “Would the family members that represent this child please stand?” … and then something beautiful happened.


The entire church stood up to represent that baby and single mom. What an amazing display of love! What an amazing picture of what the body of Christ should look like. Church: WE ARE A FAMILY! It’s time we stand up for our brothers and sisters. It’s time we pick our family up when they fall. It’s time we love our family as ourselves.

In 2014, lets all make a commitment together to inspire the church to be a family and help these girls with unplanned pregnancies. We are here for each other. Thank you for partnering with us this year! We are excited for what God is doing! Thank you for being a part of our family as well. We are here for each other! Let’s change the world with God’s love!

Written by Amy Ford

4 thoughts on “We are Family

  1. So the Mother&Child were saved and supported by the entire congregation? I am so amazed and happy to learn that at least some churches know how to honor Motherhood.

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