Confirmation in God Moments

shutterstock_78410323Have you ever had a moment of doubt in a big decision? Ever question if something good in front of you, is just chance or in God’s plan? I’ve struggled with faith for a long time. A month or so ago, I recommitted my heart to Jesus after an Apples of Gold class. And I actively made the decision to make the effort to be still and listen to God. Shortly after making this huge step, a job opportunity presented itself to me. And I questioned it.

Was this God giving me an answer to a prayer I’ve asked so many times over the last few months? Or is this a test? What if this part time job for the holidays, leaves me jobless in January? Do I risk leaving my current fulltime job where I’m miserable for a POSSIBLE job that I’m not even sure I’ll be good at?

The Sunday after interviewing for this new job, we went to church. And Pastor Robert’s message that week was entitled “Breaking the Snare of Fear.” And let me just say the tears were abundant during the service. And I went to the altar to be prayed over. I just needed confirmation on if this job was by God’s choice or a test to stay faithful in the job I already had.

As the couple was praying over me, the mans voice totally changed and instead of going the direction in prayer he had started I heard God’s voice say: “have peace, this is my gift to you for your obedience. Have faith I will not see you fail.” And then the guy’s voice changed back and he continued where he originally was.

WOW! The confirmation I needed. The next day I got called and was scheduled to meet with my soon to be new manager. While I was waiting to speak with her, I checked my daily verse application. My verse this day was, “For I know what I have planned for you,’ says the LORD. ‘I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

This is my new favorite verse. I felt so uplifted. And guess what? I GOT THE JOB!
I put aside my doubts about what is going to happen after the holidays. I know I’m where I need to be. I have faith that God has a plan. Whether it’s me staying at Jared (what woman wouldnt want to work in a jewelry store?) Or if another even better job around the corner. God has my best interest in mind.

So I challenge you. Is there an area in life that your struggling with a choice? Maybe its a job, baby daddy or husband/boyfriend drama? Maybe even reaching out to that one family member that’s struggling? Just take a moment and listen to God. I know how hard that leap of faith can be. But you will get little “God moments” where he will reassure you. I get them daily. And I have no fear, and I trust in God. I encourage you to take this leap of faith and see where God takes you!

Written by Brittany White

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