Poetry in Bloom

shutterstock_154734893The look upon their face says it all, even before a single word is spoken. The young girls begin walking through the door wondering which chair to place themselves and the child within their womb or snuggled so softly in their arms.

We celebrated our newest semester last week. Our 12th semester of Embrace Grace at the Southlake location; where this birthing originally took place. We had 12 beautiful single and pregnant girls arrive and each seemed ready to know more about us and what they would experience this semester.

Amy begins to share what the semester will unfold, including the BIG baby shower and special day. She shares her personal Bump in Life story and all eyes are fully engaged and intently listening as she recalls the moments leading up to her brave decision of choosing life. The girls are encouraged as they hear about the life of this child that is now a teenager.  He is a life-giver and will be a speaker for the nations. He has an anointing on his life that will make an impact on generations!

Ashley begins to share her personal story of her pregnancy and how she made the courageous choice to place her baby for adoption. She received confirmation upon confirmation that the plans were for this baby to be placed with the most loving, caring and nurturing parents. The birth mom and adoptive mom even had the same baby name picked out. How precious is that! Ashley had a few tears as she recalled the moments of her pregnancy and the beautiful adoption ceremony as she placed her sweet baby into the arms of another mother to love and care for him. They are able to have an open adoption and she has many precious connections shared with this baby and family. She also recently had another little boy and celebrating his first birthday next month.

Crissy began to share her Embrace Grace story. She shared of her redemption and how God fully redeemed all that was lost. Laughter flowed in the room as she told of her salvation stories and so much more. She has 2 sweet boys and an adorable new baby girl named Ruby Joy.

Each of these stories revealed pieces of the leaders hearts. Tiny glimpses and rays of hope for these new girls to cling to. Words of encouragement. Strength. Bravery.  Their countenance begins to lighten up and you can feel them begin to exhale all their “what if’s &  scenarios” and allow themselves to breathe fully and just relax. With each passing week, they will learn more of God’s grace. His words are like poetry etched upon their hearts.

Words on a page. Words in your heart. Melodies in the nature around us. Expressions of letters written upon the lives of others. Poetry in motion. Poetry is living, breathing, echoing throughout our days.

As a young girl I would frequently rhyme and produce silly sayings with my little sisters. They would laugh in the cutest of ways and say why do you always have to rhyme? It came natural as the words would just flow from my lips. No effort or thought process needed. They may not have always made sense, but they rhymed nonetheless. Silliness in the best of ways. I would casually say, hey, I’m a poet and didn’t know it.

After a while, those rhymes stopped flowing. I began to grow into my teenage years and became too occupied with teen stuff and let those childhood rhymes pass swiftly by me. I didn’t have time to focus on them as much. Maybe I was not intentional enough and did not apply the gift to the best of my ability, so it was placed upon a shelf for another time. A time when I was older maybe.

That gift has been resurfacing the past few days. I visited a few lovely parks and gardens and then browsed through a flower shop. A sign above the vast array of beautiful flowers read ~ Poetry in Bloom. My heart skipped a beat and thought, oh that is a beautiful title for a blog post. Unaware of what was about to unfold and resurface from deep within me. A well of clogged up rhymes, words and poems. Just waiting to come up. They have been held silent for a time, and they say long enough. Let us out. Let us be heard.

Just let it flow. Words upon your heart. Spilling into the hearts of others. No rhyme, no reason, but love. Sweet love. Etching upon their hearts in beautiful ways. Just as flowers. Budding, Blossoming, Blooming. Babies are poetry in bloom. Their lives will speak upon your heart. Listen to their sweet and soft sounds.

Babies~ Poetry in Bloom~
Life within the womb holds treasures and measures of love beyond words.
Melodies sung by the mommies are as sweetly as the birds.
The love of a mommy for her baby begins to grow at conception.
She nurtures, protects and cares with a mother’s intuition.
Knowing that she will need guidance and wisdom
throughout all the days in this kingdom.
She searches for truth to answers unknown.
She finds the answers in a Book very well-known.
The Bible- God’s Word- Her source, Her defense
throughout the pages she can always sense.
His Presence is near and dear to her heart.
She knows without Him she will not part.
He loved her from the beginning of time.
His love everlasting, an unending rhyme.
She learns about hope, love and grace
She then can sweetly embrace
This precious gift given her from above
A baby so fresh from heaven to love.

Beautiful words stir my heart. I will recite a lovely poem…for my tongue is like the pen of a skillful poet….Gracious words stream from your lips. God himself has blessed you forever. {Psalm 45:1-2}

Written by Salina Duffy

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