The Blueprint – A Spoken Word Poem

shutterstock_70499119God had really been moving in my life and doing some amazing things BUT He is so great and there is much more that He wanted and that He desired to do in and through my life. He was calling me deeper. I didn’t realize that I was holding back and unsure of my worthiness of the promises that He had been telling me. I was holding myself back from the abundance, the more than enough. The bible says in Luke 12:48, To whom much is given, much is required. It requires more time in His presence listening and seeking Him in all that you do. It requires dying to your flesh and choosing His word instead. It requires sacrificing relationships that are no good for you and friendships that are toxic. It also requires you to stop looking back and eliminating your excuses and to forgive, beginning with yourself. One thing I realize is that I would rather be in His perfect will anytime because after all, that is where the peace is, where the love resides and where the victories are won. Here is just the beginning of Blueprint, what is yours?

The Blueprint

You reached your hands out of the sky so that I wouldn’t die
Die  without a purpose and live a life feeling worthless
Your love has covered me
It has healed me emotionally
To you I appreciate the love you use to saturate
Only you can deliver from the unthinkable
Before I knew you some memories were awful
I was abused and terrified of the things I saw when I closed my eyes
Only you can come down and begin to release, your love that will surround
Covering me with your Grace as if I could see you face to face
My heart was broken but you took those ashes and made it a token
Your Holy Spirit guides me even when others around despise me
I know that what I stand for isn’t always popular
I’m not concerned about that because your the one that builds my rapport
For you I will stand
Following the guidance of your hand
For you I will stretch
Even under any pressure that may erect
I’m like Abraham that couldn’t stay in his comfortable land
He had instructions to follow to the place that held his overflow
Obedience is Key and Faith unlocks
The things you have in store will knock off socks
Your loyal and constant and I will always be grateful
For the day you pulled me out because you knew I was able
Able to be trusted with the lost here on earth
You set me apart because you knew I would take back turf
My heart, my spirit and my body is yours so begin to use me as if you were using yours
I’m able, I’m ready
It’s time to be steady
We have so many things to do for your Kingdom
I wanna be so close to you that I can hear you breathin
You are my Savior my God, and Creator
I stand up now to fulfill every endeavor
Given to me by you
Through your word that breaks through
Every bondage and every curse
The weapons you give me will immerse
Lets do it now, continue to show me how
I’m locked and I’m loaded and ready to wow!

Written by Stephanie Cozzolino

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