Embraced by Grace – Special Delivery

EGAnticipation and expectancy of holding a new arrival brings joy deep down inside the depths within you. You may be expecting a little bundle of joy right now, and within your womb is a precious little miracle just waiting to be delivered. There is joy in the waiting.

Along with so many tiny babies being born and those baby buns still in the oven of the mommies within Embrace Grace; there has also been a special delivery of our heartfelt sentiments and a sweet collection of lessons. A compilation of grace filled messages that will tug at your heart strings and draw you closer into the heart of our Father. Our EMBRACED by GRACE study guide is now available!

So many grace filled moments are yours to encounter, experience and receive.

Holding this beautiful book in our hands brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. The long awaited arrival was so worth the wait! Seriously above and beyond!

The whole process from conception to delivery has been a journey to remember. There have been so many inspirational hearts that helped this study guide become a dream come true! I would love to share some thank you’s with those that made this special dream become a reality.

Jesus this is all for your glory! The words have been God breathed and echos your heartbeat. So thankful that you have drawn us so deep into your heart, allowing us to hear your heartbeat and bring us closer to you. I am full of adoration, love and a thankful heart of gratitude for gracing us with this beautiful mission to love on the mommies and babies! Such a treasure is found in each and every one!

We are so thankful for all of our mommies and babies that have inspired us since the very beginning of Embrace Grace. Your dedication, strength and bravery to be true life givers to these sweet little ones is so precious and dear to our heart. You have inspired each and every word that has been written. May your days be grace filled and tons of love lavished and poured out upon you. My heart and arms are outstretched towards you all.

Thank you to our contributor writers Jackie and Amy. Your beautiful heartbeats. You were so full of dedication and motivation as you saw this to completion. Embellishments and edits were made possible by you ~ so thank you from the depths of my heart! I love you both immensely!

Irini has been an amazing life coach/ midwife throughout the entire writing process. A close neighbor and friend that listened to my heart when this dream was only tiny seeds within.  She helped to inspire and encourage as the seeds began to sprout and produce abundant fruit and words of life.

Kerrie the way we complete each others sentences… wow, there is no one else on earth like you. Your outlook and freedom sessions knock my socks off! You rock in the best of ways! You helped me uncover things that were buried so deep allowing the dreams that were placed deep within to be awakened and brought to life. We share a special sister connection that will last a lifetime. Thank you sweet friend!

Beautiful Angel thank you for the honor of gracing us with the precious beauty of your baby girl on our front cover. Baby Zoey is a sign of LIFE and she displays grace in the most sweetest of ways. Reflecting back upon the times you were longing to become pregnant with her and hoping for another baby to love along with your 2 beautiful daughters, I will forever treasure the prayers made over your womb. My love for you is so deep!

Amy Headington from Images of Grace: there simply are not enough words to express the gratitude and thankfulness that I have for you. You captured the most breathtaking moments of my maternity and a year in the life with my sweet baby almost 7 years ago. All our family photos displayed as keepsakes on our walls will forever be a treasure! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your beautiful God given gift of photography and gracing us with the beautiful photo of Zoey for our cover! So fitting for you to capture both my natural born children and portray the beautiful gift of grace for the photo on our guide.

Marsia and the Gateway Create Team you are wonderful in every way. Thank you for believing in us! I will forever cherish our first meeting when you said you girls are world changers! Thank you for publishing our first ever Embrace Grace study guide! We are forever grateful to your team!

Gateway Ministry Resource/ Passages a super big thank you for printing & displaying our EG study guides at all the Gateway bookstores and online. We are so honored and blessed by you!

My sweet boys, Landan and Logan,  your love and cheering me on saying, mommy, you can do it, you can finish your book… You encouraged me all along the way. I love you my sweeties forever and always! The stories within the pages are a reflection of the grace that we give and receive daily. I love you both so much!

My hubby, the love of my life. The tears of joy I remember falling down your cheeks the moment I said, it’s finished! I will hold that memory in the pocket of my heart forever. You were my number 1 encourager from the beginning to the end. You believed the best in me and through me. I love you more, so much more than you will ever know.

Is anything too hard or too wonderful for the Lord? At the appointed time, when the season [for her delivery] comes around…{Genesis 18:14}

And while they were there, the time came for her delivery {Luke 2:6}

As you are awaiting the arrival of your little bundle, may you be encouraged and know that in due season, at the perfect time, your delivery will come! I love you with all my heart!

I expressed to our blooms this past week that I simply wish my arms could stretch like Elastigirl on The Incredibles movie. If only I could stretch my arms so far and embrace each and every single and pregnant girl in the world, that would be my heart’s desire. Through this Embraced by Grace study guide, the blooms are able to be embraced by us. And that makes my heart so happy!!!

Written by Salina Duffy

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