Embraced by Love

shutterstock_142134379Embrace Love is a new one-on-one mentoring program that is beginning to blossom for our blooms and her baby. Sweetness and goodness by the spoon-fulls of love is dished out! Literally- lots of sugar and goodies are on the table to enjoy as the blooms and I connect hearts one on one and begin a love encounter with Jesus together.

The thoughts began to swirl in my mind of a loving connection and bond that could be shared between mommy & baby and her mentor. This could be the sweetest thing!

Our very first Embrace Love mentoring session was held at a delicious bakery in Colleyville. Too many sweets.. how can you just choose one! Beautiful mommy bloom with her baby girl so adorably dressed came walking in the door and sat down in the comfy booth beside me. I could not wait to get my hands around her sweet baby and love on her! We began sharing hearts and stories of favorite memories as a little girl. Her sweetest memories was when her Grandma would take her to a tea room in Grapevine and she remembers dressing up in princess dresses and enjoying tea parties and sweets. I thought it was the sweetest thing! It gave me an amazing thought for our next session together.

She also said her big dream now that she is a mommy and newlywed is to become a hairstylist and pursue her love of music. She has been playing guitar and loves to be creative in her music! I brought a small box of sweethearts and asked her to pick one heart from the box. The heart she chose read: U R A Star! She smiled the biggest smile and it was confirmation to her heart that what she is dreaming and desiring… really can come true! I told her she shines bright and she is a star in so many ways! To her daughter especially! She is so loving, nurturing, caring and giving to her precious baby girl. The love in her eyes sparkles and twinkles and lights up the room! She smiled so sweetly when she heard those little words. All it takes is a little love and encouragement to bring so much joy and happiness to these blooms hearts!

Our next Embrace Love session was set for us to meet at Let’s Pretend Tea Parties in Grapevine. Her Grandma was also invited to share in the celebration. They entered the room and her sweet baby had so much excitement. She is only 5 months old, but somehow she just knew this party was for her! Her very 1st tea party. I held her in my arms and she looked around the table. As she saw the tea cups her little arms were just squeezed up as tight as could be and sheer delight was in her face and she squealed and tightened up her little tummy like she knew it was time to party! Even though she is so tiny, her heart could sense the love all around her!

The expressions on her face was PRICELESS! Her mommy and great-grandma adoringly watched her excitement and captured the moments on their camera. It was a sight to remember and cherish forever! We sat around and enjoyed our tea time and cupcakes and she reminisced with her Grandma of all the special times they came to Let’s Pretend tea room and made special memories. Her Grandma had the sweetest tears falling down her cheeks as her granddaughter shared about their precious moments together and the love she has always shared.  3 sweet generations of God’s beautiful girls joined together around the table enjoying the moments. It was an honor to be a part and witness the love expressed in the room! We talked of love for each other, the love for her baby, the love of Jesus that is all over her. We listened to worship songs and the words of love began to flow. We wrote her little love notes for her to take with her and read when she moves next month to live on base with her new hubby.

The most joyous occasions. It was a winter wonderland in Grapevine. The snow was falling beautifully outside. Big snowflakes could be seen as we looked out the window… it seemed almost as if were in a movie while we were in  Let’s Pretend. Memories were being captured.  She began to plan her baby girls first birthday party at Lets Pretend Tea Parties in honor of the love that her Grandma had displayed for her as a little girl and as she has grown and blossomed into motherhood.

My heart was full of love and adoration. I held onto this precious baby girl and we looked at the adorable outfits on display. She melts my heart! Just as each and every baby that I come close to touches a sweet spot in my heart that words can not even express. In the womb, or in arms these babies are here for us to love! As the mommies and babies are Embraced by Love their hearts are forever being etched upon with the sweetest of words, tokens of love, kindness and expressions straight from the heart. I cherish these moments shared and look forward to so many more to come in the future!

Sending you my love! xoxo

Written by Salina Duffy

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