Just Keep Swimming

shutterstock_128045531After an amazing vacation for my Wedding Anniversary I sat down and watched The Embrace Grace video. After a long weekend of relaxing I knew that I had to switch gears and that it was necessary to be reminded of why God chose me for this ministry. I have learned through experience after experience that when you seek him with your whole heart he will answer you. In this case remind. He spoke so clearly as I watched the part of the young pregnant mom sinking to the bottom of the pool. That part in particular has always been a tearjerker for me and besides the obvious I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, until tonight. The Lord said “There is NO such thing as I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” There it was, the revelation that for me put the icing on the cake! This goes further than just what I was meditating on at that moment, the importance of obedience and stepping up to the call that God places in your life and many other things. This is true with any and everything that any person may be experiencing. If you have fallen you can get up because you are not defeated. There is always hope. All you need is one tiny glimmer of that beautiful substance. Hope comes from love. If you can’t love someone then you can’t give them the hope that they need to climb out of the dark hole that they genuinely feel they are in. God places people in our paths to inspire, mentor or even speak a word of encouragement. It doesn’t matter what side of the spectrum you are on don’t give up hope, don’t stop loving and in the words of a famous fish, “Just keep swimming!”

 By: Stephanie Cozzolino

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