Once Lost, Now Found

1117091655In the beginning there was a girl who ran off impulse and insecurities
Surrounding herself by impurities
Lost, insufficiencies
Not renewing, not pursuing to have Christ in her mind
She didn’t do it at first after righteousness, but only to impress the arms of her flesh
You know the rest
Her spirit was so weak as it could not compete
As she consciously continued to cheat
On Christ with the lying and defying
She did not realize but her spirit was dying
She routinely filled her life with sin
Her body not a temple for Christ
She didn’t praise Him and her heart was cold
No desire for her spiritual growth
And before you know it she was held bound – a stronghold
Who would ever have foretold that time would be wasted completely
Now looking back realizing she was deceived – truly
Enticed by the devil at hand she had no idea about the baby boy in God’s plan
It was then she realized without Christ there’s no rock to stand
From there spiritually she went uphill
Believe me without Christ you’re lost for real
Without Him your soul is destined for hell
But that’s the penalty of sin though it’s not a fairytale
So she now looks to the hills for her help
Because she knows she’ll miss Christ if she looks to self or material wealth
Her spiritual guide, she doesn’t want to backslide1920403_10152075789778409_1922636066_n
Just wants to allow Him to remain inside
Now in His word she abides and hides from all pride
Now she knows the true meaning of eternal life
Bold, courageous, saved by grace, crowned
Was once lost, but now she’s found

Written by EG Bloom Chelsea

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