Date Like A Single Mom

shutterstock_77915971That title might sound a little weird to you. Admittedly it kind of is…but let me explain.

Growing up I wasn’t really taught in depth the right and wrong way to date. Not because my parents didn’t care but because they didn’t know themselves. I think that’s the case for most humans in my generation. We don’t know how to date the right way.

I was never one to date a ton of different people but I wasn’t very strict on the who I chose. When I became a single mom that changed drastically. As you can imagine, as a mom I now set down strict guidelines of who I would allow in my kids lives. There was no more of the hoping he’d be a good guy. It turned into If he wants to be in our lives he has to be a good guy. And by good guy I mean meet the standards I had set.

So here’s an idea for all of you singles out there. Try dating like a single mom. Now I know not every single mom uses my approach but for example’s sake lets pretend they do. When you are deciding to date or not date someone pretend your kids are involved..and considering you’ll probably have kids one day they really are involved. Make a mental or written list of the things you want in a mate. Not the trivial he has to be hot things…the meaningful who they are as a person things. Stick to that list. You may be single for a while. I was and it was a time where I had some serious growth as a human. Give serial dating a rest and try dating like a single parent. If you don’t like it I guarantee your money back in 60 days!

Give it a go. You only have things to gain.

Written by Embrace Grace alumni Olivia Boyd

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