Beyond the Sea

shutterstock_56193919Excitement was arising as the traveling day approached. Passports were delivered in our mailbox. Bags packed. Our family vacation destination Ambergris Caye in Belize. Our oldest son Landan was turning 14 the day of our departure. He woke up that morning with so much expectation and could not wait to get there! Logan could not wait to step foot on the plane. My husband and I are also celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary!

We arrived in Belize City and saw some signs that caught my eye. Embrace Paradise. The land where you make Belize. You gotta Belize it! We boarded the puddle jumper (a small 12 passenger plane) that flew us to the remote island that overlooked the beautiful breathtaking water, lagoons, and other Caye islands. My husband Cory was asked to sit up front as the co-pilot. He quickly agreed with no hesitation.

We landed and were embraced by our friends and their daughter Olivia that moved here last summer. I kept telling them I can’t believe you actually LIVE here! On this island. I knew it. But to see it and breathe it in is quite spectacular!!

The Caribbean Sea is so turquoise blue and crystal clear! Above and Beyond what I have imagined.The barrier reef is the 2nd largest reef in the world. We have been boating on a catamaran, snorkeling, swimming, fishing, kayaking, coconut tree climbing, and have seen so many beautiful things and enjoying our rest and relaxation. I keep having pinch me moments to make sure this is really real.

Yesterday we were beach combing and picking up sea shells along the shore and I noticed some flower petals floating towards us. Each of us began picking up the beautiful turquoise blue petals that matched the color of the sea. I stood there amazed and looked around the beach area around us. This color of flower was not normally around the island. Maybe someone had them dyed for their wedding? Unsure of how they arrived but was a treasure & sweet little kiss to see them wash up on shore.

I smiled as we picked up each petal as I thought of my Grandma Pierson. She was 88 years old and lived a beautiful life and left a legacy to remember. She went to heaven last year. I think of her so often. Especially when I see rose petals. With each petal we picked up from  the sea, I said oh look another petal from heaven.

I know she is smiling down from heaven on us! I began to reflect back on the day she passed away and the comfort that Jesus brought me. I was sitting outside by our pool and a song began to play… Somewhere beyond the sea, somewhere waiting for me… Happy you’ll be forevermore.. In that moment I closed my eyes knowing it had only been hours prior to her passing. I saw her walking out on the beach and beyond the ocean waves… Then saw her dancing with Jesus so gracefully, her feet never touching the ground. She was much younger and so lively and beautiful and full of grace when she danced with Jesus. This is a picture I reflect upon whenever I feel myself missing her. I held the turquoise petals closely in my hands and will treasure them always.

Being here close to the sea, enjoying my family, so happy we will be. Loving each other, laughing, soaking up the sunshine. Savoring the moments. The little things.

Wherever you are, all around the world. Take time to enjoy the moments around you. You may be far far away from an island, but you can make believe and imagine in your mind. Picture the moments you dream of. If your life is a bit frazzled and you need a little getaway and you know there is no time for that in the days ahead, ask Jesus to take you to a peaceful place in your mind with him. Some call this daydreaming, but I love to say envisioning… He will dance with you, romance you, speak sweet little whispers in your ear. He will walk with you and hold you close. Let him take you to a remote little island. Will you go there with Him? I did this several years ago and held onto those sweet moments and journaled them out and would visit them often in my mind. Those moments came to life this week and I am forever thankful and grateful for this beautiful blessing.

I believe your day will also come too. One day. Your above and beyond dream and destination will come true. Just believe!

 Written by Salina Duffy 

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