shutterstock_164791247To see Your face in the midst of my day to day
When the desire to be Yours drives me to change my ways
and all I want is peace, the sweet release that comes with trusting
And then along comes the girl who desires to control her world
And wants to be patient for nothing
Your patience towards me that I might truly believe
Is designed so that I might have patience
This fact always seems to fly over my head because you see
I don’t like waiting
Taught to believe that if you do, you will receive
I try with all my might to just sit tight
And yet without my knowing, I go back to controlling
Picking up where I think You must have left off
Like Sarah, I think sometimes I can do a better job
And in that moment, I realize that my cries
Are not of a woman who has given her life
But of a woman who is demanding her way
Tears of frustration streaming down her face
And I am spent
Your pursuit of me strong, You never relent
Despite my desire to forge paths you didn’t make
You remind me that it is Your glory that must remain on display
Closing my eyes I feel His presence
The Comforter you sent that connects me with Heaven
A gift to receive, yet you ask will I receive it
Longsuffering is not for the complacent
But for those like me who have trouble with waiting
Our Creator in Heaven knows the dust we were made in
Which is why He provided just what we need
Walk with the Spirit and tell your flesh to take heed
Patience is not for the weak
It is forged in the battle of life versus death
Will I trust You enough with this to watch it slip through my hands?
Will I wait on You rather than build my house on sand?
For to Your creativity there can be no comparison
And so I desire to wait
Capture my heart, Lord,  keep it safe
My spirit is willing but my flesh is weak
Bolster my faith Lord, make me complete

 – Jamie Stapleton

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