Blessed To Be A Part

shutterstock_168186230A few weeks ago I felt an impression on my heart to reach out to the owners of and (We already own and .org) 

I discovered was owned by a church in Scottsdale, AZ.  I researched the leaders of this church, emailed them and followed up with phone calls.  In my initial request I was curious if they would be interested in selling the URL to me for the benefit of Embrace Grace.  I explained to them what Embrace Grace was and what they were doing for the Kingdom.  After about a week I was told they would meet about it get back to me.

During that waiting period I reached out to the owner of  He was an individual who had originally purchased both and He sold to the church in Scottsdale several years ago for a church wide initiative they were doing.  I was curious after hearing this if I would hear back from the church in Scottsdale since they actively sought out the URL and purchased it from this gentleman.

My initial contact with the owner of I also asked if he would be willing to sell the URL to me for the benefit of Embrace Grace.  I showed him some links, videos and explained what Embrace Grace was all about.  He told me he was not interested in selling the URL because he had future plans with the site.  I thanked him for his time and mentioned if he ever reconsidered to please let me know.

A few days had past and the church in Scottsdale, AZ emailed me and said “We will give you the URL  No charge”  What?  Are you kidding me? They sought out this URL and paid money to a man and now they are just going to hand it over? Wow…I was overwhelmed with emotion simply because it had only been a couple weeks prior that I felt a prompting in my spirit to reach out to these folks.  Thank you Lord for using me!

What happened next was incredible.  I got a message from the man that owned and he told me that he had reconsidered and would like to sell me the URL.  I couldn’t believe it.  Just a few days ago he said, “I’m not going to sell it…I have future plans for that site.”  I was again feeling like this is God moving so I need to negotiate a deal with this man and wrap this up.  He wanted to meet that day but my schedule was slammed so I suggested we both take the weekend to pray about a price and lets visit the next Monday.  He agreed that was a good idea and so we both left it at that.

Monday we decided to video chat.  I was anxious to see what he was willing to sell it at because when I first prayed about it I felt like God was telling me he was going to give it to us.  I brushed that off thinking, “no way…he said he wasn’t going to sell it and now he wants the money for a new computer” (something he told me before the weekend began). He said, “Shortly after I walked away from computer and prayed about it I was walking across the living room floor and I heard God tell me to ‘GIVE IT TO THEM.’  So..thats what I’m going to do.  I need a new computer but God said he would take care of it for me.”  I WAS FLOORED!  He also said, “But wait…theres more.  I’m also going to give you the URL”  Again…FLOORED!  I thanked him and told him I know God would bless him for this and I’m so thankful I got to be a small part in the process where GOD gave Embrace Grace these gifts.  We got to know each other a bit (great guy) and had a few laughs.  I enjoyed his company and could tell we would be friends if he lived nearby just based on our personalities.

He was so blessed when I told him that the church in Scottsdale had just reached out to me and given Embrace Grace the .com site.  It had come full circle for him and I know he was blessed by that.  He loves what Embrace Grace is doing and looks forward to seeing it in more churches across the globe.

I wanted to share this experience with each of you reading to encourage you to HEAR – BELIEVE – OBEY what Father is speaking into your heart.  When we align ourselves with His plan…we are blessed to be a part.  I love to hear His voice.  His promptings.  His love.  Isn’t He good?  Isn’t He lovely?  I must say…this experience increased my faith and made me fall more in love with Him. God say’s YES!

Written by Ryan Ford (Amy’s Hubby)

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