A Leaders Heart


shutterstock_170793764My life is changing right before my very eyes! Embrace Grace is a snapshot and training ground for the greatness that God has placed in me.

As I study my lesson each week I can’t help but feel like I’m preparing my Sermon! When I lead our Embrace Grace group it happens to be on Sunday evenings! To even say this out loud with confidence is God stretching himself out within me! I think about how great of an honor it is  to be a part of this awesome ministry, Embrace Grace. Then The Lord whispers sweet everything’s in my ear and into my heart letting me know that I’m like Joshua spying out the land that I will soon enter!!!!! I just know that it is truly the definition of He will exceed all expectations and all of your plans because what God has in store can’t be anything but pre planned!!!

As our creator he has sculpted us and has sent the tools and people to equip us perfectly or should I say, pull out what has already been placed there! I say this to say that God’s word is a double-edged sword! Each week God is not only moving in the lives of our blooms but our leaders are receiving their breakthroughs and at the very least witnessing miracles and soaking in the presence of The Lord. I thank them each week for sowing into Embrace Grace because face it, time is precious and they could be doing so many things. It’s an honor to have each of them there.

While your Embracing Grace, take a second to Embrace wherever you are in your process. There is something to learn from each and every struggle, success and season in your life. I like to think that all news is good news because either way you are learning critical things whether it’s what not to do or what your purpose is. Sometimes our greatest struggles are the very thing that God can and will use to deliver someone else.

I remember in school learning about the Indians and how they didn’t waste any part of the prey they hunted. They used the fat, bones, skin and every piece of meat! Yuck! I believe that God does the same, that’s what the Bible means by ALL things work together for those who love The Lord, even the yucky things! He has given you the keys to unlock your skills, prosperity and your purpose. BUT listening to his instructions is the gas in the car that takes you to your destiny. You may have the key but without gas you won’t move very far or very quick.  Through it all keep your eye on the prize, His name is Jesus and you can’t even fathom what he has you training for!

Written by Stephanie Cozzolino, leader of EG in Saginaw, Michigan


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