The Heart of God

shutterstock_166576619On two occasions that we know of, Jesus fed several thousand people as directed by His Father.

Now I have to believe in these large crowds there were some very corrupt people. Maybe even a murderer or two. But the Bible says he had compassion on them. We know many had to be what we would call “unsaved” if not almost all of them. But he fed them. Even the ones who were hecklers because that was the heart of the Father. Jesus only did and said what His Father told him to according to Him.

The message Jesus brought was, “I am bringing a new Kingdom where love is the rule. And you need to change your thinking (repent) or you are going to miss the message of it. Grace is the new order.”

I have witnessed people (and done it myself) who in the name of Christianity, point their fingers at: unwed mothers, people getting divorces, men torn by porn, people in addictions, scared or just hardened moms entering-leaving abortion clinics, prostitutes, and more – justifying it with out-of-context scriptures in order to support the action.

Now scripture has to line up with the intent and heart of God and not some small out of place scripture that justifies a specific action but is not congruent with the whole message of what Jesus came to teach and do. We call that “out of context.”

Jesus was not upset with the lost or those committing horrible sins. He actually forgave them all including the very ones who killed him. He was however, upset with those who claimed to know scripture and used it for rules instead of love. – The Pharisees as an example. They said things like “You heal or pick wheat on the Sabbath!” which was scripture and the law. But Jesus said the Sabbath was made for us and if there was a need on the Sabbath we should meet it so he healed the man and let His disciples pick wheat instead of follow the letter of the law. The Pharisees also said, “This woman caught in adultery should be stoned right now.” Which was the law and backed up by scripture but Jesus said, “I don’t condemn you daughter, now go and don’t do this thing again.” Love over law every time.

You know why?

Because the heart of the Father is to love. Jesus was here to restore the kingdom and the sons and daughters back to his Father. The Fathers heart is for love and grace. His word says His kindness – not His judgment, leads people to change their thinking. You won’t find a message of judging or pointing fingers from Jesus. It is not the Father’s heart and since Jesus died to pay for the sins of the whole world – yes believers and unbelievers (read Hebrew 10:12) we don’t have to have a sin-focus but can love and tell people about this amazing Father who forgives.

Jesus said before you point out sin, you better not have any yourself (the log and speck; and where are your accusers). When we love them like Jesus did, they will want to know this Jesus. We never judge or reject people into the kingdom – it is just not the Father’s way and not how Jesus operated. Women entering/leaving abortion clinics need to be loved, helped and they will need healing for a broken heart – not rejected using some out of context “law” scripture that is not even about abortion and the same is true for divorce, addiction, prostitutes, unwed moms, etc…..

Jesus attracted the prostitutes, tax collectors, and the worst of His time. Why? Because they didn’t receive rejection or condemnation – they received love. Jesus fed the crowds because of His compassion and the Father’s heart. He didn’t start screaming at them that they are sinners and he didn’t ignore them – He just loved them and fed them.

I would like to challenge you today instead of pointing fingers and judging people’s actions, that you just love them where they are at and let them see the love of Jesus in you. Freedom from sin is not the absence of something but the Presence of Someone. If we want ourselves and others to experience true freedom – spread the love of Jesus everywhere you go. Inspire others to have an intimate relationship with a Heavenly Father – that’s when the freedom starts to happen.

Written by Sid Falco

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