A Little Bit

shutterstock_147381461The leftovers reveal God’s Presence in our lives. The leftovers say because you have given Him something to work with, He can bless and multiply it. You must first give God something. Give Him a little bit of faith, a little bit of hope, a little bit of discipline, a little bit of obedience, a little bit of trust, a little bit of something and watch God bless and increase it. – Bible.com- The lesson of the leftovers

Just a little bit of us (a small piece of anything) ….mixed with A LOT of Jesus (a great big amount) = GREATNESS of anything

Six years ago to the day my hubby called me outside hurriedly. Babe, come here and look! There is a duck egg in the bottom of the pool! I stood there in disbelief and looked at him thinking he was very clever. Good one! I said it’s April 2nd, the day after April Fools and I know that you put a chicken egg in the pool as an April Fool’s joke. He said, no for real, I promise!

Just the week before- early in the morning before my first ever Pink Impact Women’s conference- a pair of ducks chose our backyard as a place of courting and swimming around leisurely in our pool. That very same weekend at Pink Impact 2008 the idea of Embrace Grace was birthed in our hearts.

So now as I look at this mama duck standing helpless by the pool, her little tail feathers are just a shaking. She is scared and shocked and in disbelief. She keeps staring at the egg at the bottom of the pool. Its way too deep for her to rescue the egg. The daddy duck just looked at her helpless as he sat by her side. At that moment I realized my hubby was telling the truth and that egg was indeed a duck egg. We attempted to save the egg from the bottom and placed on a table unsure how long it had been there.

My thoughts began to reflect on this mama duck and how she had just been swimming around and going about her normal duck routine. Not expecting an egg to just plop out during her leisurely swim. She had not been able to prepare or make a nest for this duckling. My heart was sad for her. I watched her as she stared at that tiny egg. Wondering how she could have saved it or made a nest in preparation.

I went upstairs to get my 11 month old’s bath water ready. He absolutely loved his duck ducks and bath times so much! As I placed him in the water he began to splash and squeal in delight. He held his little toy duckling in his hands as tears began to fall down my cheeks. I said, Oh baby, mommy couldn’t save that baby duck egg… but I know that I can help other mommies and babies!! As they find out they are pregnant and may feel unprepared or scared, I can be there and encourage them and most of all LOVE them!

I made a promise in my heart at that moment. God I will do anything to help these mommies and babies!! ANYTHING!

In the beginning we had no idea how Embrace Grace was going to look or unfold. We started with just a little bit. A little bit of hope. A little bit of faith. A little bit of grace. A little bit of love. A little bit of nurture by nature. A little bit of time. A little bit of training. A little bit of schedule. A little bit… Just a little bit…

A little bit of girls- 3 pregnant girls with babies on the way came to our very first Embrace Grace class. It all started with a little bit. Itty bitty. And those little bits began to grow and grow. An abundance. We as leaders became smaller and smaller on the inside as Jesus became larger and larger. A little bit of us and a whole lot of Jesus! Our dreams went from little bitty to lots and lots more!

Six years later, hundreds of mommies and babies have been loved and embraced by grace.

It’s amazing what a little bit will do, mixed with a whole lot of Jesus! He multiplies and takes our leftovers and little bits and makes them lots!

A little bit of something. Some”thing” can relay to anything. When you are able to give just a little bit of your time, your heart, your love, your faith, your grace, your _________… Big things can happen! A good thing turns into a God thing. Just a little bit of you mixed with A LOT of Jesus makes Greatness.

God can take our nothings and make them something. He can take our anything and make it everything.

What is your little bit you are ready to give? Watch as Jesus multiplies it into a whole lot!!

Written by Salina Duffy

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