The Shower was AMAZING!

shower2The Gateway Church Embrace Grace baby shower for young women with unplanned pregnancies was over-the-top amazing! Seriously, it just get’s better and better every semester. The way the theme, decor, volunteers and everything else just pulls together and becomes an event that is UNFORGETTABLE!!

shower4We had 8 girls go into labor this week so the shower hosted 55 girls and the other 8 we will make sure that they receive their gifts as well (so that’s 63 total). I’ve heard some of them are getting mini-showers given by their donors and some are getting surprise deliveries of all of their gifts. My favorite is just hearing the buzz happening at the shower – what people are saying and also seeing the look on people’s faces. Lots of tears and smiles!

A few of the thoughts we heard from the EG mommas:


“The best night of my life!”shower5

“All of these gifts are for me?!”

“I can’t believe this is real. I will remember this night forever.”

“It feels like home here.”

“This is beyond anything I ever imagined.”

shower3A few facebook posts after the shower:

I am so glad that I was welcomed into Embrace Grace this year. I just got home from the baby shower and I feel like I’m radiating sunshine out of my pores because I’m so happy. Its amazing that these people I had never met before were showering me with such amazing gifts and encouraging words. Genuinely the most kind and caring souls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I feel so blessed and loved right now. Thank you all for everything you do. I couldn’t be more grateful.

Today was great, never felt so much and so many blessing in one day! I’m so thankful for shower1Embrace Grace and for these lovely lady’s who adopted me… Their words of prayer and gifts were more then I could ever ask for.

The Embrace Grace shower last night was amazing. Im so touched and truly blessed to be a part of this and to know God has rained down so much love on my baby and I is awesome.

These are just a few of them – all the thank-you’s will be posted on the blog soon. But can I just say thank you as well? Just thank you. Every single one of you. God is awesome – thank you for joining the pro-love movement.

Written by Amy Ford

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