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shutterstock_182278586We just came back from an awesome vacation week in Destin, Florida and had an amazing time! It seems like it took a few days just to get in “vacation” mode but once we got in the swing of things, we LOVED it. I couldn’t get enough of staring out into the ocean and nestling my toes in the sand. My happy place is on the water.

One morning we all went out for breakfast and there was a long wait for a table. Ryan and I struck up a conversation with a cute family that had 5 or 6 kids. They were asking us why we stopped having kids after 4 and we explained our busy, crazy lives and how we have a lot of Embrace Grace babies to love on. Her eyes got huge and she looked at her husband and then back at me, “You have a pro-life ministry? I do too!” 

So I explained what all we do. I told her how we invite girls to church and throw them a baby shower and love on them through the pregnancy.  I’ll never forget her response …

“But what do you do for the girls that are single and pregnant or the fornicators?”

“Ummmm that’s pretty much all of them,” I said.

Judging by the look on her face, my answer blew her mind. She had never heard of this concept – loving girls with no strings attached. She had a lot of questions but then she said, “Well my ministry is a little different … I stand outside abortion clinics and tell the girls to repent.”

We talked it out a bit more. I believe we all have a different place in this fight for life. Some are on the front lines like this lady, catching them in their most scared moment and praying that they turn away from what’s killing their hearts and embracing the life inside of them and some are to hold their hand through the pregnancy. One way isn’t more right than the other, we all can make a huge impact.

Some of our sweet Embrace Grace mommas have had past experiences at abortion clinics, some narrowly escaping the loss of life that they now hold dear and close, and some grieving the loss of life that fear robbed them of. I asked them for their thoughts on that day and seeing picketers or pray-for-life signs – here are some of the responses that I felt like could help us all serving in the pro-love community:

• It was scary. But I’ll never forget time almost standing still. There were so many everywhere. It made me think. It made me pray. It made me think there could be options. Like, trusting God. Or adoption.

• I felt like it was hurtful because it seemed some people weren’t there to help. Some people just wanted to make you feel like a horrible person instead of helping educate. 

• There were two groups when I had gone…one from a church saying mean things like I was worthless for killing a child. And then another group that would argue saying it was my choice, that I was obviously a drug addict and I shouldn’t bring a baby into the world. It was almost like on one side, there were woman saying I was worthless for doing it, and another that said I would be a worthless mother. Both were painful and degrading and still haunt me to this day.

• The signs had pictures of fetuses. I felt horrified, embarrassed and ashamed. I was afraid to even look at them… I had no means to financially support a baby… If I would have seen a sign that was telling me I could do it and that they would HELP me, I might have felt confident in talking to those people and things might have been different that day … and my life would be so much different now. 

• I honestly considered it at first. Just knowing I wasn’t ready for a baby and I knew my baby daddy was never going to be there … but I remembered seeing picketers a long time ago who were at Planned Parenthood and I knew they were fighting for a reason. They were fighting for life! I knew I needed to also. I couldn’t be any more thankful for my beautiful baby boy.

No matter what your approach is, I ask you to come alongside us and fight for life. Whether you pray outside abortion clinics, volunteer at pregnancy centers, start an Embrace Grace group at your local church, or donate financially to the cause, I want to thank you for what you do. All of us joining hands to make a difference, doing the mission God has called us to makes a huge impact on babies and mommies lives.

I pray that whatever we do and wherever we serve, we do it in a way that is not condemning but helpful and full of HOPE … because that is what the world needs. Hope is what captures someone’s attention and helps them dream again. We are all on the same team! The pro-love team. Get plugged in somewhere and serve. The mommies and babies need you to reach out and give them the hope of Jesus.

To be convicted of sin before you are convinced of a Savior is certain death through self destruction. It’s the Holy Spirit’s job to convict the world of sin. It’s the Church’s job to convince the world there is a Savior. {Kris Vallotton}

Let’s impact the world with God’s grace.

Written by Amy Ford

One thought on “Pro-Love Team

  1. Although the article is very humbly written, I would definitely (lovingly) say you might want to retract your line about “Some are on the front lines like this lady”. I would venture an argument which states that while some people are on the front lines of a building, some are on the front lines of a woman’s heart. Being on the front lines in a person’s heart is, after all, where the real ministry and healing begins – not necessarily at a building. 🙂

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