An Experience

shutterstock_149970311I’ve been thinking about that word a lot lately, EXPERIENCE. Webster’s say’s that an experience is a particular instance of personally encountering or undergoing something.

With Embrace Grace, we strive for the young moms that do our program to not just go to another Sunday School class or parenting class – we want them to have an EXPERIENCE at every session they come to. We want them to remember what was said, to remember how they felt, to be changed, to grow and to be inspired to love Jesus freely and fully.

We not only want the girls to have an experience with Embrace Grace – but everyone that watches our commercials, everyone that comes by our trade show booths, every person that calls our phone line, every person that sends us an email, every person that visits our website, every person that gives to our ministry, every person that attends our baby showers, every person following our social media posts. Embrace Grace is for everyone and we want all to be touched by being Pro-Love in everything they do and people they encounter.

So as I sit and brainstorm HOW to create that … I just get 2 words – HOLY SPIRIT. We want to cultivate an atmosphere in everything we do where people can encounter the Holy Spirit and never be the same. We want our words, photos, testimonials to give God all the glory in what He does and WHO He is because without Him, we are just words, just a class, just a building with 4 walls, just another person. Without Him there is no life.

In everything we do, let’s make it an experience. Whether you are going to the grocery store, the movies, to church or Embrace Grace, strive to make it an experience. Go with the heartset of coming out with a cool Glory Story afterwards. It’s your move and you are not alone. This is that John 10:10 ABUNDANT life God was talking about! We just have to open our hands and heart to His will instead of trying to force things our way.

SO excited about the new Holy Ghost movie coming out in September. This quote in the clip stuck with me and I love it:

“What if we collectively as the church said, ‘OK God. No more boxes. No more limits. No more of having to control everything and we just gave God total control.’ Yeah it’s scary, but I think this is theway we were meant to live.” – Meredith Andrews in Holy Ghost film

Written by Amy Ford


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