Adventure WITH God

1LobbylowWe have some exciting news to share!! We have launched our NATIONAL offices in Hurst, Texas! We are so excited! They are so beautiful we just need to make some final touches and get some equipment in there in the next few weeks and we are good to go! I keep pinching myself I’m SO pumped! We always dreamed of this day happening and it’s finally here.

In January, God spoke to me and gave me a word for Embrace Grace and that was He1Lobby2 wanted us to “get good at what we do.” Not to grow in numbers. Not to broaden our reach. Not to do more marketing or advertising. Just to get good at what we do. Build our foundation strong on the Rock. Lay out the structure, procedures and Him. He told me to seek Him first and He would add all the rest to us. And He did.

2Conference2And of course you know when God gives you a word from Him, He always follows through on it. He has been helping us with the foundation and getting good at what we do. He answered our prayers on HOW in a way that is above and beyond what we could have dreamed up ourselves.

#1 We have new offices! No more driving to each other’s houses to pick up our shipments2Conferencelow
and getting them to fed-ex. No more trying to sound professional while answering the phones when our kids are yelling super loud in the background. No more being all spread out across the metroplex trying to stay in unity while so far apart because we have an OFFICE. I have a desk! I have a comfy chair! This is going to help us as we have meetings, strategize and dream big dreams together.

3SalinaLOW#2 We have an amazing new Chief Operating Officer, Eric Fellman and his wife Joy. They are the sweetest most amazing dream team ever and WE get them. They have captured the vision of the Pro-Love movement and our fully committed to helping us get really good at what we do so we can reach the nation and into the world. On top of being great to work with, Eric has a pretty rock-star resume. His most recent endeavors include living in Washington DC to serve as lay workers for the House and Senate members who present the annual National Prayer Breakfast. While there they travelled to more than a dozen countries to help members of Congress open dialog with their parliamentary counterparts about the life and principles of Jesus. Then a few years ago they moved to Texas as the CEO of World Bible Translation Center which 4Amylowwas later merged with Bible League International of Chicago where he was the President of COO. In 2013 he was invited by the Summit Group to open their non-profit consulting division called “Ascent” where he is the President, serving as a guiding executive to help non profit ministries to grow.

5Volunteer#3 Our national non profit has a close partnership with Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas. The elders and pastors mentor us and guide us along the way and are our spiritual covering. Embrace Grace was birthed out of Gateway 6 years ago and because of Pastor Robert Morris and his vision, along with all of the pastors guidance and authority,  Embrace Grace is what it is today. We are so blessed to walk closely and steward this vision God dreamed down TOGETHER. They pray for us, guide us, help us and connect us to the body of Christ. We are so thankful!

Our new COO, Eric said something just a few days ago and it just stuck and I keep 6Eric2thinking about it and LOVE it. We don’t want to just do things FOR God, we want to do things WITH God. We are on this God adventure! We are just creating an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit can do what He wants to do. Our hands and hearts are open and this ministry is not ours, it’s God’s. We just get to steward the vision and get to see all the miracles and God winks along the way! We have our hands in the air and our hair is blowing in the breeze but we are NOT closing our eyes! We don’t want to miss one moment of this adventure!

7Front2We want to go on this adventure with you as well. We would love for you to join the movement by covering us in prayer – for the national offices, the local church leaders, the blooms and everyone involved. We would love for you to join the movement and start an Embrace Grace group at your own local church! You can check out our website on how to start a group. And we would love for you to join the movement by donating to the cause! We want this movement to reach the nation and we need funds to make it happen. Check out our website and make a donation today!

What if every girl that had an unplanned pregnancy had a church to turn to in their most desperate moment? What if every church became a safe place? What if the church was the first place a girl ran to when she found out she was pregnant instead of the last because of shame and guilt? What could happen? What WOULD happen?

Written by Amy Ford 

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