shutterstock_205092652I believe that every person at some point in their life will experience rejection in some way, shape, or form. And let’s be honest, rejection sucks. Not only is it hard to go through, but the effect of rejection can oftentimes leave lasting consequences. Oftentimes people who have experienced harsh rejection will also struggle with self-rejection.  I know that isn’t any big bold revelation, but freedom in Christ comes through self-acceptance. In order for someone to reach their full potential, they must accept  themselves fully. That means accepting your own appearance, the abilities you have, your parentage, and being content in your environment, among others. God made each of us unique and special. He has put great potential in each of us. You and I do not always see it right away, but it is there…it always has been. Unfortunately society comes in and makes these impossible standards which people try to live up to. The result is one hiding ones true self and pretending to be something they are not just because they want to be accepted. Again I’ll say that the journey to reaching one’s full potential begins with self-acceptance. Self-acceptance will lead to love.

So what can we do to help with self-rejection? I think that just being aware of it is a step towards healing. Our happiness needs to be dependent on GOD- not on man! What’s important to God is that you are developing Christ-like qualities..not a new way to apply your makeup or a new technique to build muscle. God isn’t interested in your outer appearance. At the end of the day it’s what’s on the inside that truly matters. Nobody will want to marry you for your jewelry and clothes and awesome makeup techniques…it’s that light on the inside they fall for. Be reassured that the mess you think you see in yourself is just another thing that God can turn for your good if you trust Him. He can and will turn your mess into a unique and beautiful message to amplify His testimony through you. Once you surrender that to Him you will be another step closer to reaching your full potential.

If you focus on the “defects” you are going to struggle with self-rejection. But if you focus on God instead of your supposed “defects” the results will change your life! You will walk in real freedom as you become yourself-  the way God created you to be. You will learn to be nothing more and nothing less than who you truly are. You will be a light among the nations. ❤️

1 Samuel 16

Matthew 5:14-16

Whitney Wells

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