A Forever Family

shutterstock_142216768I have had the privilege and honor to walk alongside a few sweet birth moms that have chosen to bless another family with their baby through adoption. I can’t even put into words how impactful that was for me – to see the whole process … even from both sides: the birth mom and the adoptive mom.

Each relationship I have with an Embrace Grace girl is such a special gift, but when I hear a story about a birth mom—a mom who carried life within her to gift to another family, I am changed. I am intensely moved by every detail; the story of where they have come from and what they have overcome, to finding out they are pregnant; the entire decision making process; the captivating way God brings two families with the same hearts together during the pregnancy; and then there is the most amazing part of it all … the beautiful exchange. The transfer of one life over to someone else, entrusting the most valuable gift you love more than anything else in the world to another just blows me away. I am in awe of a mother who chooses for another family to provide her baby with a life she could not have provided herself; to become an answered prayer for someone who may have prayed her whole life for a child of her own. Witnessing the sacrifice a birth mom makes, rejecting abortion and sacrificing her body for nine months to save a baby’s life is one of the most beautiful acts of love I have ever seen. And then to see an adoptive mom open her family, heart and home to love and raise a baby as though it came from her own womb, is breathtaking.

It takes work on both sides. It takes sacrifice. It’s hard and love can hurt. I’ve seen the other side of it too when babies get taken away because a broken-hearted mommy turned to drugs and couldn’t cope with life’s circumstances. I’ve seen birth moms choose adoption but within those first 48 hours after birth, decide they want to parent and an adoptive family that prepared for month’s walks away with empty arms.

Love can hurt. Love is raw and vulnerable. Love is authentic and breath-taking. Love is a sacrifice. Love is a decision. Love isn’t always butterflies and roses. Love can be hard … but beautiful.

I’ve seen some birth moms that watch and cheer for their baby from afar with pictures and updates. I’ve seen others that play a much more active role in being a part of their birth child’s life with frequent visits and celebrations together as a family. Each one is unique and amazing.

I ran across this video last week and I can’t stop thinking of just how AMAZING people are. This is one of the sweetest videos I have ever seen about adoption. A teenage girl that finds out a family is choosing to make her their very own. She has a mom and dad now. She has siblings. She has love. She belongs. Check it out here: MEREDITH’S BIG SURPRISE.

Adoption is the heart of our heavenly Father. We are all His. We are His sons and daughters. We belong. We are His forever family.

Written by Amy Ford

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