Jump Start

imagesThe alarm was sounding. They were so sound asleep; both sleeping straight through each time the alarm loudly blared. They were tired and not quite ready to wake up yet. New schedules, getting back to the routine. Time to kick into gear. I walked in my son’s room, hit the snooze button once again and said time to rise and shine boys. They both looked at me with those sleepy eyes and rolled back over. Just 5 more minutes Mom. Please!

Barely awake and rushing out the door we load up in my car ready for school. Keys in the ignition and turn, but nothing happens. What? My car is completely out of juice. Oh great, no time for this now! In need of a jump start quick! Jumper cables attached to my battery and a little boost from my hubby’s truck battery, now we are set. Good to go! Engine starts, ready to begin our day.

I’m sure you can relate to mornings like this. This scenario can be experienced in many different ways. Relatable to days you have walked through sometime in your life. Alarm sounding, not ready to rise up out of bed yet. Just hoping for those 5 extra minutes before beginning your busy day. Getting in your car expecting the engine to start right up, but for some reason it’s out of juice and will not start. You look around and think “ain’t nobody got time for this!!”

You may be tired physically, spiritually, emotionally or a combo of all three. Really drained from all of life’s demands and expectations. Do you know there is a way to Jump Start your day just like the battery charge I received this morning? It’s so simple and easy to do. It only takes a little bit to charge your entire day and even have extras for days ahead. When you plug your cables into the energy source- JESUS- He can energize and give you the boost you really need to satisfy and fulfill even your busiest days.

When my feet touched the floor this morning, the first thing I did was search my Bible app for the word of the day. You can do the same. It gives life, inspiration, truth, a real energy source to boost you up no matter what you are facing.

Today’s word of the day was from Psalm 46:10 that tells us to Let be and be still, and know (recognize and understand) that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations! I will be exalted in the earth! Just that one verse got me jazzed and ready to embrace this day. Be still. Sometimes we tend to hurry, run around like a crazy chicken going here, there and everywhere and we get exhausted. Jesus tells us to be still. And know. That He is God.  No matter what situations you are facing right now, God is in the midst with you and will sustain you, keep you and energize you so that you can endure and exalt His name. His grace covers you. His love is abounding. He promises to watch over you. In tough times and tired times, He promises to be there. In happy times and sad times. He promises to see you through. Look to Him as your One Source of life-giving, charging, fulfilling, energizing and an abundance more He has to give you.

Energy sources can be delivered in many creative ways. The Bible is the ultimate life giver and battery charger. Read ‘til your heart is charged and revived. Tune in to uplifting music and in no time you will be singing a happy tune, dancing and worshipping with others around you. A friend can lift you up and give you the extra boost that you are searching for. A kind word, a day of rejuvenation and recreation – taking time to enjoy yourself and just be you without expectations and demands. Do something you really love to do. Recreate happy moments and this will boost you up faster than you can believe.

You can receive a Jump Start daily. Stay connected, plugged in to Jesus and He will be your life giver, energizer, booster in every way you need. You will be astounded and amazed at how He will come through for you!

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