This is what it’s all about

927876_493983770712219_1096320445_nThis, ladies and gentlemen, is me writing to you from a very sincere heart. If you know me you probably know my story. If not the short story is: single mom of two, confident in myself and small family, redeemed and made new by a God who loves me. I can’t say being a single mom at a young age is easy…it’s actually really hard. As I sit with my little ones I can’t help but think of everyone that has supported me to get me to the happy healthy place I’m at now.

I’m blessed to have a supportive group of family and friends but the sad thing is not every single young mom is as fortunate as I. I’ve heard so many stories of girls in situations just like mine. I’ve heard of parents abandoning them when they needed help the most. I’ve heard girls asking for any help at all from a mattress to sleep on or food to feed their baby. I know it’s easy not to think of these things if it’s not right in front of you but please know it happens. Now ,of course, you can be that person that says they deserve it or they made these decisions so they can deal with the consequences. If that’s you…stop being so mean. Just because you can hide your mistakes doesn’t give you a right to judge so harshly. 

Instead of judging or glossing over the subject why not help? See aside from my family the thing that got me through one of the hardest times in my life was Embrace Grace. This group of loving peers and women brought me back to life. Think of the absolute lowest point in your life. Lost, alone, broken…have you ever experienced this feeling? So have I and thanks to Embrace Grace that feeling was fleeting. Embrace Grace ,in short, is a group of women that love people. It’s a group of people that show young girls that their mistakes don’t define them and that no matter what the world shouts at them they are truly beautiful. It’s a group that stands by girls through their journeys as parents. It’s a group that dotes on the brave girls that choose life. 

Sounds pretty awesome right? I think any human could get excited about people realizing their worth. The great thing is anyone can become a part of this. Starting a group is a lot easier than you think. If you can’t start a group there are still tons of way for you to be involved. It’s time to give back and make the world a brighter place to be. It all starts with you. You can learn more here.

Much love,

Olivia, Layla, and Isaac

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