I’m back from Barbados! My brother had such a sweet wedding and I had such a great time. The island is beautiful and definitely want to go back sometime soon – and maybe bring the whole family. It was romantic and a special day!

When I was there, we had a lot of events to attend and fun people to hang out with. Every once in a while though, I would have a small window of time where I would have some alone time to think, reflect and dream.

At the beginning of every season change, I get an itch to tighten up loose ends in my life … or just organize and streamline everything. I want to get a calendar out and get everything in order. I love to think about what I can do to make my life easier and better. My priorities definitely need realignment.

One change I decided to make is to honor the Sabbath. I have heard it taught so much at Gateway but for some reason, that 1st day of week has been hard to let go of. With having a baby, I have to take every nap time or late night opportunity I can to try to squeeze in time to get work done. But at the rate things are going now, I feel like I have a basket that I keep filling up with with awesome eggs but the basket has this hole in the bottom so as I’m filling it up, they keep falling out the bottom and I’m getting nowhere. Honoring the Sabbath will help me put God first and get my week going in the right direction, with emphasis on my family and helping them have a good week.

So now that I have some great ideas and big dreams on how to fix some things in my life, now comes the hard part of actually DOING it!

Do you get inspired to make changes at the beginning of each season? Have you decided on specific changes and do you have any ideas on how to implement the change?