We are so excited to announce our new Embrace Grace blog! We will have a fun variety of unique topics that will not only cater to just teen or young moms but also anyone that has a heart for LIFE. I am consistently and constantly amazed by the strength these young moms have – choosing life for their babies no matter what the world might say or think. Their selfless and courageous decision is inspiring. I feel so blessed to be able to walk alongside so many girls during this miraculous season in their lives. I have front row seats to miracles that God is doing in these young girls’ hearts.

Follow us. Bookmark us. Check back often. We will be posting articles about hot topics for teen/young moms as well as having inspirational testimonials posted by girls that once walked in your shoes, and some that are even still walking it out right now.

Are there any issues that are heavy on your hearts right now that you would be interested in reading about? We always love suggestions!