It’s really really almost here. The book is almost OUT! I’m SO pumped! It releases this Tuesday, October 1st. It has taken FOREVER (well it feels like) but it’s finally time for the book to hit the streets!

I’m praying that every person that reads it is touched in some way … and that it gets into the hands of people that need a refreshing of hope in their life.

James Robison gave all the attendees a book at the taping last week and I’ve gotten to hear some initial thoughts from people that are reading it! It’s been great so far but of course these thoughts are coming from friends … hopefully strangers will agree.

Thanks for sending the book! Every man needs to read this book. I know I’m not really the target audience, so for me, this probably spoke a little differently. The two things I got most from this are:

The Earthly Father’s Role :: I was astounded to see so vividly the importance of a father being in his teenage daughter’s life.  What really surprised me was the stories of the girls who grew up in the church but didn’t have a good relationship with their dad. You hear over and over the importance of a dad in a daughter’s life—but this took it to a real, gritty, personal level.  And a lot of the girls in the book had the same story . These stories would shake the “average 30 something guy with a 12 year old daughter” to his core, and challenge him to examine how he is shaping her heart.

Our response to “sin” :: I haven’t really had to think about how I would respond to an unplanned pregnancy in my life—just hasn’t happened. But I imagine I would fall into the “she got herself into this mess” camp. But this really blew that up for me—the pain, hurt, shame, guilt, and fear in these girls.   That line from the girl at the UPS store—just a simple conversation spoke so much life into her. Truly amazing.

I’ve been really thinking about john 3:17 lately.  We Christians like to use 3:16—sometimes even as a hammer to pound “sinners” with. But the very next verse says “oh yeah by the way, I didn’t do that to condemn you all…”

Jesus came to earth and didn’t start telling people all the wrong stuff they were doing. He loved them, healed them, gave them what they needed—and they were changed by his love.  Is that what we are doing as Christians? (it sounds like your church is!)

These stories really give us all so much to think about in terms of responding to a broken world with love, compassion, and grace, to ultimately point people toward Christ. – David W. 

Finished reading “A Bump In Life” by Amy Ford. What an AMAZING read!!! Real life testimonies of restoration and redemption through God’s grace and mercy. **Disclaimer: Tissues are required.** — Janell S. 

Powerful stories, emotional, compelling, and very real. – Brian F.

I’m reading your book & it just makes my heart want to bust! (in a good way) You can feel the emotions of these precious girls. These little pages are going to be a catalyst to a huge movement of love & grace that will touch the nations. Love it!! — Denise E.

As the book releases, there are some ways that you can help with getting the word out and I’ll love you forever and ever if you do … (and if you don’t too because that’s just the way I roll but still …)

1.  Please read the book and let me know what you think. If you’d would so kind to write a review, will you post it on your favorite retailer like Amazon, Lifeway and Barnes & Noble? 

2.  If you are a blogger, I would be love for you to write a post about the book and how it can help others. I am also happy to write a guest post for you and will send you an excerpt to share with your readers.

3. Share the book with your friends on twitter and facebook #abumpinlife

4.  Please pray for the Embrace Grace team and me as we speak and share this message on this amazing journey!

And buy an extra copy to give to a girl with an unplanned pregnancy! You never know when God might connect you to the perfect girl that needs some encouragement and hope!

I’m so excited and thank you for helping me get the word out!!