A Love-Bomb Adventure!

photo2Have you ever had a person that is the cashier at a grocery store, or someone showing you how to hang something at Home Depot, or maybe weighing your packages at the shipping store, or really any random interaction with a stranger, and you felt something tugging at you to know more or just care more about them? Something about the person is drawing you to them … not in a weird, creepy way. In a Jesus way. Like your heart breaks a little for them and you don’t even know why because you know nothing about them?

That’s the Holy Spirit. When we open our eyes to be more Kingdom-minded, God will show us people all the time for us to love on.

That happened to me and my friend Alyse this past Thursday night and our life changed a little. We were at a hotel in a little town called El Dorado, Arkansas and I had just spoke for this awesome pregnancy center called Hannah Pregnancy Center. This may be a little town but they had a BIG family feel to it. They had so many personal touches and had such great relationships with the girls, it was beautiful. And Thursday night, I met someone that knew first-hand how Hannah Centers had impacted her life.

We were coming off the high of a fun adrenaline rush from speaking so after the event we made a late night trip to Wal-mart and then picked up Pizza Hut to eat in our rooms. As we were walking through the lobby doors we greeted the cute girl working behind the counter. We stopped at the desk and felt like asking her just a couple of questions, more than the usual “how are you” –

“Hi! Did you just get here? We didn’t see you earlier.”

“Yeah I have to work the night shift. I get off at 6:30 am.” 

“Oh my goodness that is so hard. How do you stay awake all night?”

“It is hard. I have 3 kids and my youngest is 7 months old and I work while they sleep but when I get home I’m SO tired and try to stay awake for them but it’s hard. Plus I’m taking classes at college and I’m running on fumes but I’m getting by.”

Me and Alyse encouraged her a little and started to walk towards the elevator and we looked at each other and knew what the other was thinking without even saying anything: LET’S LOVE-BOMB HER!! 

We snuck back out to the parking lot and looked at our stash of goodies in the car that weIMG_3038 could give her. We of course had my book, A Bump in Life. We had a Jesus Calling book that was brand new as well as another book that I can’t remember. We had a cute heart/key necklace still in gift box we put in there and then we wrapped it all up with a tulle bow and tied it off with our new “lovebomb” cards that our friends Trevor and Jonathan made for us!

When we went back through the lobby, we noticed that she wasn’t there at the front desk and she had stepped away. We sat it down at her chair and snuck away and went back to our room. Me and Alyse had fun recapping the night and eating our pizza. About an hour later, Alyse needed to run down again and get chips from vending machine (she had a hankerin’ lol). She was gone FOREVER so I went down to check on her and she was talking to our girl we just love-bombed.

Alyse told me she had walked by the front desk and out of all the books we gave her, she was reading A Bump in Life and had noticed she was crying. Alyse asked her if she was a single mom and she said, “yes” and started to tell us a little about her story. With tears pouring down her face she said, “I’m a single mom and feel stuck in this relationship that is abusive. He never harms the children but he gets angry with me and hurts me. A few months ago he got mad at me and punched me in the face and broke my jaw. The hardest thing about that was that my 4-year old daughter was watching and saw the whole thing. It’s been a few months but I keep seeing her re-enact what happened. She acts it out like it’s embedded in her mind. I know she will never forget her father punching her mom in the face and I can’t do anything about it. He watches the kids at night while I work and I don’t have anyone else to and I can’t afford childcare. I’m not even with him yet I can’t get away from him.” 


Me and Alyse were BALLING. This perfect and beautiful girl that was smart, going to college, working her tail off for her family, but she felt stuck and overlooked. We talked for a while and talked about some options for her. We all leaned over the lobby desk and held hands and prayed. We begged God for a way out for her. We thanked Him for colliding our lives and speaking to us to lovebomb her. We prayed to erase the memory of what happened with her daughter. We prayed for the father of the babies for his heart to fall in love with Jesus and for him to get the help he needed as well as for this sweet mom to be brave and courageous to take a step to find a way out. I felt like the Lord was saying that He SEES her. He LOVES her. She is HIS and He wants to help her, she just has to take the steps out. I felt like she was going to be a trailblazer and pave the way for even more girls that maybe are abused in silence to find a way out and break the cycle.

She said she had tried church and a lady at church was trying to counsel her but then when she got pregnant the last time, the woman said she couldn’t go to church there anymore and that they couldn’t help her. She was heartbroken. She wanted to find a church and get plugged in. She wanted to grow deeper in her relationship in the Lord and learn to rely on Him more. We told her about a church that was local and that the pastor had just concluded the message at Hannah Pregnancy Center and we really could tell he had a loving church – I just needed to find the name of church and the pastor’s last name. I promised I would get it to her.  She said, “I love Hannah Pregnancy Center. I take classes there every Wednesday night and they have helped me so much. I don’t know where I would be without them and it’s so nice to sometimes just get away and be around people that are positive and uplifting.”

photoWow! How amazing that she loves Hannah too! As we released hands from praying, I realized I had been leaning over a stack of newspapers on the counter and I took a second glance because I saw a picture of me speaking at the event that night! I picked up the paper and they had a story about the benefit and Hannah Pregnancy Center. I loved the headline, “The Pro-life Movement Starts with Love.” It had already printed! (It was about 1:00 am at this point). And in the article it had the pastor’s name and church cited so I could tell her right then!

God just kept winking at the 3 of us and it was so cool!

Will you be praying with us for additional help to come through for this sweet girl in El Dorado, Arkansas? And for her to be so engulfed in God’s love that it becomes all she wants and desires. Please pray she understands how precious, valuable, worthy, amazing and beautiful she is and how much God loves her SO much!

Join me on this love-bomb adventure in making a difference in people’s lives by reaching out and loving people! It’s SO fun!

Written by Amy Ford