How often do we stay in our comfort zones because we’re scared of the unknown? We stay doing our day-to-day routine because that’s what we know … and nothing ever changes. Sometimes we even hate our life but we’re too scared to step out and change.

On Monday night I got to stand on the Gateway Southlake platform and share my heart to all of the attendees of Gateway Single Families and my friends that came to the book launch. This was on my heart to talk about because it was indeed, out of my comfort zone to stand up there.

All day long I went through the motions, prayed every chance I got, and just kept telling myself to “just show up.” That’s sometimes the hardest part right? Be brave and show up? So I did. I got on stage and as I poured my heart out of what God is doing in Embrace Grace and how He wants to use ALL of us to make a difference in the Kingdom, it got easier and easier. My uncomfortable zone became a little more comfortable. I pray someday that what was is uncomfortable for me today, becomes comfortable for me tomorrow. But I also pray that I never become complacent. We always need to be stretched, try new things, and live big.

The uncomfortable zone is sometimes when the magic happens. We grow, learn, change and inspire people while we face our fears. If we all laid in bed with our covers over our head, scared to step towards our dreams, the world would be SO boring! If we all walked in the destiny and purpose God has for us, we could CHANGE THE WORLD!

Pastor Todd Bolt prayed over me the other day and he said that he saw a vision of a golden key with jewels all around it. He said it was kind of like the “golden ticket” that Charlie gets when he learns he can use it to get into the Chocolate Factory. He could bypass the waiting list, the lines, and go straight to the where he wanted to go. Todd said that I held a key that meant blessing and favor – it takes me to the front of the line … but what I do at the front of the line is tell everyone that we ALL have a golden key! God is waiting on you to make the first move!

Being stuck in our comfort zones is almost like a prison. We are confined and restricted by our own fears that we make up in our heads. We make up reasons and excuses of why we’re not qualified when GOD is who qualifies us! We hold this golden key of blessing and favor that can get us out of our prisons … but we have to actually TURN the key to open the door.

It’s YOUR move. Blessing and favor are in your hand … use it.

I also mentioned Monday night that I remember Pastor Morris doing a sermon a long time ago and it was about prayer. He used the example of, “You can pray and pray to become a good writer, but you have to actually put your pen to the paper so he can answer your prayer.” 

What is your next move? What is fear holding you back from?

Spoken by a lot of our freedom team and I love to use it all the time too (even annoyingly ha!) …. “But what if you CAN?”