The Embrace Grace I co-lead starts today at Gateway Church – Southlake Campus! It’s semester #9 and I still get just excited as our very first semester. There are always a little bit of nerves and butterflies on the first day with the girls – they are not sure what to expect. Will they be judged? Are they going to lecture me on how I should have stayed abstinent? Are they going to be a bunch of old ladies that pretend to like me but deep down, they are thinking bad things about me?

I’ve heard it all. But the very first class is great because all the leaders do is share their story (or part of it) and they soon see that between all of the leaders, we’ve pretty much done everything in their past that these girls are too scared to reveal. I was 19 and pregnant and completely scared out of my mind. I remember the looks and stares … it’s hard. But my son was worth every second of those 9 months. I learned so much about God and even about myself during that season of my life.

I’m so honored and thankful that God let’s me walk alongside this special season of miracles with these girls. I can cheer them on and I’m good at hugging. All I do is point to the Father – He wants to take those fears, worries and all the stress off of them. I get a front row seat to some pretty cool stories. They begin to open their heart and God blows them away. It happens EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

As you are going about your day, could you take a moment and pray for all the girls going to class tonight in all the Embrace Grace classes? Gateway Southlake & Frisco, Aurora Baptist, Shady Grove of Grand Prairie, 1st Baptist of Denisson, in Oklahoma City and Cross Timbers in Keller starts next week. Pray that they don’t get nervous and talk themselves out of coming, or that they don’t have car problems or work problems or that just nothing stands in their way.