We are getting close to starting a new Embrace Grace!!

This semester will be Gateway Southlake’s 9th semester doing EG and every semester it just gets better and better. A cool added bonus is that 6 other churches are doing Embrace Grace in the metroplex as well as Oklahoma.

I always hear a lot of the same question, “How do you find the single and pregnant girls to invite them to come to EG?”  My answer is always, “It was not an accident. It was not a coincidence that they heard about it. They were hand-picked by God.”

We do not advertise. We do not leave our business cards at too many places. It’s not that we don’t want to do that, we just want to make sure we’re ready. We are laying the foundation and preparing for God to blow open the floodgates and all the girls will have a church to run to when they find out they have a crisis pregnancy instead of the last because of shame and guilt.

We are writing the curriculum for churches to implement and we’re praying and planning on it being ready next summer as well as my book I’m working on will be released next year (details coming soon!).

So how DO all the girls find out about EG? Well, mostly word of mouth. The alumni girls will have a friend in their high school or on facebook that pops up as pregnant, so they start inviting them. It’s cool how God works it out. I’ve heard some cool stories of how girls heard about it.

Once an EG girl (we’ll call her Jane) was telling me that she always works out at the gym with another EG girl and she said they talk a lot about God and every time they do, that she always gets goosebumps (or what I like to call, Godbumps.) So one Jane called me and was so excited and said she met a girl in one of her classes at her college, and she had mentioned that to this girl that she has a baby boy. The other girls’ eyes widened and said, “Well actually, I just found out this week that I’m pregnant and I’m scared and trying to process it all.” As the girl tells her this, Jane immediately got Godbumps. She knew it was a God connection and she needed to tell her about Embrace Grace. She did and this girl did the class and totally changed her life.

One EG girl was mutual friends on facebook with someone that was in Embrace Grace but didn’t know her well. She asked for information on the EG page and I sent her an invitations. The week after that she was at a local water park and one of our leaders noticed her baby bump and went up to her telling her about EG. She said she actually had already requested information and was planning on coming. The week after that, she was at work and another EG leader went up to her counter and noticed her baby bump and told her about EG. She laughed and said, “I’m coming!” God wanted to make SURE she was going to be there. She did EG and loved it and now her and her mom are starting their own EG at the church they are members of!

Another girl found out she was pregnant and left everything behind in Vegas, packed up what she had and drove to Texas to stay with family. She got in on a late Saturday night and her family suggested going to church the next morning. Even though she was exhausted, she said yes. The service was amazing and at the end, she decided to go down front for prayer. She had a lot of worries and in a new environment, she knew she needed God. Out of all the pastors at the altar for prayer, she walked to a woman that happened to be the single families pastor who is the oversight over EG. This girl told the pastor everything that was going on and the pastor told her that the very next day, Monday, EG was going to start a new semester – it was perfect timing. She came and never missed one class.

Just about a month ago, I met a girl named Zoe that works at Sonic.

Me: OMG I’m so sorry I thought I had a few extra $ at bottom of purse for tip and I don’t! What time do you get off and I’ll come back and bring it to you.

Zoe: Oh it’s ok. You don’t have to come back but if you want to, you can ;-) My name is Zoe when you come back.

Me: Oh I love that name! It means LIFE.

Zoe: Yeah I’ve always heard that but my professor said the other day that it meant heaven?

Me: It’s Greek for Life but the translation is a Heavenly kind of life – not just any life. The word “life” is all through the Bible but only translates twice to Zoe – and it does in John 10:10: that God came so we could have abundant life … It’s basically an awesome name! I just had a baby boy but if I had had a girl, I wanted Zoe.

Zoe: Wow! You have a baby? I just found out I’m 8 weeks pregnant!

Me: Congratulations! I lead a support group for single and pregnant girls – are you single?

Zoe: I have a boyfriend – that sounds awesome. I’ve been trying to talk to women on pregnancy boards but this sounds way better. What’s your number and I’ll call you.

Me: I’ll bring it by when I bring your tip,

Zoe the cutest girl ever: OK awesome!

I’m praying and hoping Zoe can come to EG when it starts in a few weeks. There are girls all around us, needing a sign, someone that will tell them it’s going to be ok!

In the words of an Embrace Grace alumni: “Jordan and Megan told me about EG, they had been in it before. When everyone else was telling me to get rid of my baby girl, they pointed me in the direction I needed. (:”

As the new semesters start, I can’t wait to hear all the stories from the new girls and how God hand-picked them to be in Embrace Grace!