Girl Power

shutterstock_16227564855,000,000 abortions have occurred in America since 1973…. 55,000,000 women whose lives have been affected. Where was the help they needed when they were faced with this impossible decision? Is it possible that it was hidden in the hearts of other women? Is it possible that if women loved and supported one another in a unity that was unbreakable regardless of the situation or circumstance her sister, friend, neighbor, enemy or stranger found herself in, that she might have found help? Is it possible that if we laid down our competitiveness and judgments and instead loved each other unconditionally and taught our daughters to do the same, we would have a society that was healthy and redeemed? Call me a dreamer but I would like to see this in my lifetime… I want to see women rise up and take their place… not against something but for love.

We are called to be unified as women who relentlessly love one another regardless of the situation or circumstance. It is time now, to band together. A new sisterhood- all over the world…. Racial and economic division- no more, competition- no more, comparison- no more, jealousy- no more, fighting for the attention of men- no more, tearing each other down- no more. We will be women who rise up, take our places, love our God, respect and honor our men while cherishing and depositing life into our children. We will be women who do not demand respect but give honor. We will be women who love with arms wide open, especially when it hurts because we are confident in the One who has done the same for us. We will give love because it’s been given to us and we give it to those who do not have it to give, without expectation of repayment. We will wear our crowns of royalty with an understanding of the price that has been paid for them. We look on others with kindness. We will be a band of sisters who say no to division, strife and poverty of spirit. We will raise our daughters up to love one another and our sons to cherish our daughters. We will stand guard at the entry of our homes and we will say NO to the influences that contradict what we stand for. We will refuse to be fed the lie that we have to “sell” the image of our bodies to be considered beautiful for beauty radiates from within us. The bride of Christ is awakening and the women of the bride are getting up from their slumber. The sleep is being washed from our eyes and we are seeing clearly- who we are and whose we are.  Women are being redeemed from all that has been stolen from us and we will NEVER be the same again! It is time for us to shed the lie that our enemy is each other and pick up the truth that our purpose is to band together as a strong, beautiful example of what love really looks like. I am believing for a generation of women to rise up and take their place in their realm of influence… we all have one, those within our reach… our circle. We will choose to start the fire of love within those around us and we will fan the flame by not giving up when it gets hard. When we truly love one another, we will cultivate and shape our current generation and generations to come for an influence of love that will be unstoppable. This is girl power.

Written by Kylee Washington

Impacting with GRACE

shutterstock_139416557Pink Impact at Gateway Church has a famous motto that many of us have adopted. I am reminded of  this every day as I look at the wall art we were blessed with from our 2013 conference.  It reads: I am positioned by God to INFLUENCE. I live today with tomorrow in mind. I am poised for the challenges knowing my decisions will matter. I will make an IMPACT.

That is exactly what Embrace Grace is doing. We are leaving lasting impressions upon these precious blooms hearts. In return they have so much love to pour into their new babies lives and those around them!

Impact is known as to have an effect, influence, or collision. A perfect illustration is GRACE colliding with the hearts of everyone involved in Embrace Grace. From the leaders, volunteers, donors, sponsors, blooms, mommies and babies, families, churches, pregnancy resource centers, the list is endless. When our hearts collide with grace and we embrace these precious girls, an impact is made and it truly touches the hearts and lives of everyone it comes in contact with! 

EG is making an IMPACT in so many ways! We just celebrated our Special Day (aka Princess Day) and honored all of our beautiful blooms. They looked so radiant and glowing as they gathered around the dance floor at Paradise Cove to be crowned and adorned with God’s grace and love lavished upon them. Each bloom was handed a long stem pink rose to symbolize their blossoming and blooming into grace filled girls.

Let’s rise with the morning and go to the vineyards to see if the vines have buddedTheir blossoms have opened…in bloom…there I will give you my love. {Song of Songs 7:12}

Our beautiful blooms wrote out some of their most impactful moments from this semester and we would love to share them with you. As you read, may your heart be impacted with so much love and grace! May your heart be inspired. May you fully embrace the moments of your days and desire to make an IMPACT too!

I loved Embrace Grace. This class gave me so much more confidence in God and being a Mom. The support from my leaders and classmates made me feel so welcome. I loved this class. Love Samantha

I loved my small group leaders! They really helped a lot! I also thought it was great people donated stuff every week. Love Kayla

I really enjoyed getting to know the girls in my group. It’s nice to know you’re not alone and to have an amazing support group. Love Zoe

Thank you Lord for answering my prayers and casting away my doubts. I needed a sign you were real so I could fully devote myself to you. You answered my prayers by gifting me a child and bringing me to E.G. You truly are my Savior. Love EG Bloom

I really loved chains night! I made some really good relationships with some girls and I loved my group leaders. Love Julian

The biggest things in Embrace Grace that were impacts on me were breaking chains and soul ties off. The night when Zach Neese spoke, the night when Kerrie Oles spoke, the night when Amy’s husband Ryan stood up and read that forgiveness, the Embrace Grace shower, and just everything and everyone has had a big impact on me. Salina has also had a huge impact on me. She’s always so sweet and cheerful and I love her so much! Her and everything and everyone have been such a huge blessing in my life! I love her and everyone so much! 🙂 Love Andrea

Everything and everyone in E.G. has had the greatest impact on my life. Not only has E.G. helped me through my pregnancy, but also strengthened my relationship with God. Hearing Zach Neese’s testimony had a major influence on me and really strengthened my faith in God. I truly admire every single leader and every  E.G. Mommy. You have all changed me for the better. Love Emily

The night Zach Neese came was the most impactful night to me because he said a lot that hit home with me. I had an abortion at 15, and Zach said God will never take another child from me out of spite or karma, and the one major thing in this pregnancy that worried me was the karma coming to me from my abortion. After that, I felt complete peace with my pregnancy. Love EG Bloom

Embrace Grace has brought me so much closer to the Lord and I am so thankful for that! It has taught me not to feel bad and guilty, and to know that I am loved and worthy. I am so thankful for everyone who has something to do with Embrace Grace and I love all of you! Love Courtney

Chains night was a major release of anger and bitterness for me. I needed to let go of all the hostility I had towards my baby daddy. The leaders helped me through my pregnancy and my suicidal thoughts. I love that I have real friends now that I can relate to and count on. God definitely knew what he was doing when He put this group together. I love Embrace Grace and I couldn’t have done this without their help to bring me to my Father. I am a warrior Mom and will continue to be with my Heavenly Father who always provides! Love EG Bloom

Embrace Grace has been such a blessing to me and Nikodemus. I loved the classes, support, and eye opener of God’s love for us. Thank you to everyone that made Embrace Grace possible. We love you! Love Consuela & Niko

Embrace Grace is truly a safe place to feel loved, understood and at peace. Thanks for all you do for us girls. God is proud of you Amy Ford. Xoxo EG Bloom

Embrace Grace has made me open up into a new person who is no longer shy of her belly, or ashamed of her decisions. I’m confident in where I am going and I can’t wait to get there! Aleigh

Embrace Grace has shown me that I am not alone. I have a support group and most importantly God. I can ask for help, and I can trust in others. I don’t have to feel guilty. I have a family here. EG Bloom

Something that impacted my heart… a lot of things impacted me. Just the fact that people will take the time to support and be a part of a movement like Embrace Grace is amazing and just great! Celisa

Something that has impacted my heart during Embrace Grace is all the kindness that everyone has shared and thoughtfulness. Even though they didn’t know me they opened their arms and accepted me into this family. This organization has affected so many girls and me in so many ways that I am blessed. And so many girls have been blessed by this organization. All I can say is Thank You! Melissa

I have enjoyed every minute of being a part of this group. I have met some amazing women and made so many new friends. Love all you ladies! Thank y’all so much! Love Lindsey

I am so thankful that April invited me to Embrace Grace. I have been introduced to a lot of amazing people. One of my favorite Embrace Grace moments was the baby shower. I received so much for my daughter, and I am so blessed and thankful for that. I’m going to miss our Monday night meetings. Thank you so much for everything. Love Faith

My favorite thing is the opportunity to meet the amazing women who have supported us through these last few months and meeting the other lovely girls who have shared in this experience alongside me. Making these new friends will bring me joy for years to come. Thank you. I love you all. Crystal

I have really enjoyed every second of Embrace Grace. All my leaders are simply amazing. Thank you so much. I will miss you guys every Monday night. My favorite moment was the baby shower. Love Lindsay

I honestly can’t say what my favorite part of Embrace Grace was. Everything was just amazing. I love all of you and pray we continue our journey’s together. Thank you for everything!! xoxo Taylor

Written by Salina Duffy